Things You Need to Know about Finger Tape

Have your finger injured or sore from any incident? No worries! In this article, we will tell you about the BJJ finger tape and many more things. So without ado, let’s get knowledge about the finger tape.

Finger tape is an adhesive-coated hard fabric or cotton-like strip of cloth. It’s used to cover a sore or damaged finger with tape for added balance and comfort or tape a damaged finger to another finger for added support. It can be applied to tape toes as well.

Cuts and scratches can be protected with finger tape and injured wrists and fingers, and sore joints can be supported and remain stable. Some may even believe that taping your fingers can increase your grip, while many experts advise against doing so if you aren’t injured because it prevents you from developing your own finger power.

Do you know about the major difference between standard sports strap tape and BJJ finger tape is? It’s designed to keep on your fingers while sweaty and has strict training periods, and is manufactured with a smaller width to fit fingers (typically 0.3 inches / 8 – 9mm).

Best Features of Finger Tapes

The perfect BJJ finger tapes usually offer the following features:

  • The adhesive is really strong. The excellent tapes have such a powerful solid adhesive to keep on your fingers and not fall off due to sweating while rolling activities. Many of the better tapes generally use zinc oxide adhesive, which is highly sticky and allergy-free.
  • The best finger tapes are constructed of stiff cotton or comparable fabrics, such as rayon, and provide support for your fingers. You do not even want to use a stretchy tape such as kinesiology tape because it isn’t very supportive.
  • It doesn’t create any residue around. The best tapes don’t break an adhesive mess behind when you remove them, and it easily gives cleanup.
  • It’s the right size. Finger tape produced exclusively for grapplers is generally about 0.3 inches / 8 – 9mm wide and large enough even for fingers. It avoids the need to waste too much time trimming tape strips to fit, as you would with normal sports tape.
  • It is a good deal. Most of those better brands have value bundles that often include rolls and BJJ bags. Good-value tapes usually have a rolling length of more than 10 yards / 30 feet / 9.1 meters. Some will measure up to 15 yards / 45 feet / 13.7 meters in length.
  • Guaranteed money refunded. Many of the greatest recordings provide money-back guarantees of 60 days or indeed longer, where you may get a return if you’re not happy.


In this article, we have shared about the BJJ finger tapes list and the material below. However, it results from almost seven hours of study into 20 different brands. We examined various finger tape items on the market that suited our requirements and collected user reviews from sites such As amazon and BJJ Fight Gear. If you are really confused after reading this article, you should further need to consider user feedback on the finger tape products with fraudulent reviews.

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