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Tiktok Followers Disappeared: How to Fix 0 TikTok Followers Bug

You’ve been trying to grow on tiktok and one day you wake up to discover that you have zero followers.

You might even think that it’s because all of the followers decide to leave you at a single point, or that perhaps the last comment or the video you’ve made scare them off.

Perhaps many other reasons all of which  rush into your mind scaring you that your tiktok career might be just over.

However if you bear with us and if you bear with the situation this is not the end and in fact this is something that was caused due to the platform bug.

In this article we’re going to discuss why that happens, how to fix it (using¬†FeedPixel) and how to stay away from it so that you would never have to ever deal with a problem like that in your life again.

Tiktok followers disappeared

On May the 3rd 2021 many people like you and me woke up to the most dreadful day that could possibly happen to a tiktok creator. It was the day when they woke up to see only zero followers regardless of how hard they’ve been working to gain those followers.

It’s only fair that half of the internet event Matt discussing the issue and complaining about it to tiktok to online forums to each other and everyone else in between.

If you happen to be one of those people and found yourself amongst the chaos that ensued that day, you’re not alone and know that we’ve got you covered for this is a buck that’s getting old.

Although this happened more than once and a few times after the 3rd May the tiktok had periodically come online discussing the causes of the issue and why and how it happened and promising that they have fixed it.

Now when it comes to the fix itself, there isn’t much you can do to really prevent that or fix it on your own. Because it was an issue related and caused by the platform’s bugs. It’s hard to fix it from the perspective of the account’s owners.

However there is one general consensus on this matter and all of them seem to agree that logging out and logging back in seems to be helping for some of the people.

So if you see zero followers and zero follows then you might want to try logging out of your account and log back in after a few minutes or so.

The fix for the tiktok followers disappeared issue

If that doesn’t change the number of followers you have some people have opted to just wait for the tiktok platform to say something on this issue and fix it and they’ve been successful since the platform has fixed those issues.

Some people have gone even deeper and tried one more thing which we’re going to tell you now.

It is to uninstall the tiktok app, then install it back again. However you need to keep in mind that before uninstalling the app itself you also need to log out. So the whole process is going to be like;

  1. Log out of the tiktok account
  2. Uninstall the account app
  3. Install the app again,
  4. Log back in.

Now there’s no guarantee this is going to help you. It’s just what people have done and some of them have been successful. If you’re not successful you should not worry, you just should wait due to reasons that we’re going to explain why.

Tiktok started experiencing this issue then they’ve been deleting or trying to delete bot accounts or those accounts that have been inactive.

On top of that tick tock had made it mandatory for every single user to enter their date of birth which many people weren’t really doing at the time when this happened.

So this might have caused the app to crash because if they’ve made this mandatory and the accounts hadn’t entered their dates of birth, the platform might have thought that it was an invalid account.

Now on the one hand if one part of the tiktok thinks that is an invalid account on the other hand the other algorithm that was responsible for deleting the bot accounts or invalid accounts might have deleted them all or removed them from the main platform to a certain secondary empty storage of some sorts.

Then they realize that this happened and it had to do something with the entries of the dates of birth, and the algorithm that was responsible to delete or remove the accounts of bots quickly fixed it for many users. But like with everything else, the fix wasn’t immediate and it wasn’t for everyone at once.

So in case if some of the accounts didn’t get fixed they urge them to wait for their turn and then not worry about it.

So in case if you happen to see the same issue and you’re worrying about it we also urge you to not as per the cushion from the platform itself. You might also want to try those steps and see if this is going to help you.

Final thoughts

All in all to wrap up this piece, there’s one thing we can assure you, it’s that you should not worry and relax and wait for the platform to handle this issue.

Although this happened multiple times and it was caused by the platform, the fixes and the resolution to the problem they found seem to be stable at this point by 2022.

Thus, in case if you seem to encounter tiktok followers disappeared issue and find it worrisome, you should not worry instead you just should wait for the platform to update the issue by doing the following steps:

  • Log out of the account,
  • Uninstall the app,
  • Install the app,
  • Login to your account

The steps may help you to be aware of the changes, particularly those that might have solved your followers’ disappearing issue. In case if they aren’t there is still no need to fret or sweat over this.

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