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Football commentators love to talk about how decisions made in the heat of battle win and lose games. Yet the scoreboard more typically reflects what your team has accomplished Monday through Friday. I believe that success in any job depends on our ability to develop and execute what I call the three Ps to success—your plan, your people, and your preparation.

You must have a plan of action. This plan includes every goal you hope to reach and how you intend to get there. You must have the right people to execute the plan, and you must take the time and make the effort to prepare properly. Success will come only if you believe in your plan and sell it to everyone involved in your program, find and develop the people to make your plan a reality, and plan perfect practices to prepare your players.

How to Practice?

This section includes a plan of action for every phase of team preparation. We cover the complete physical, mental, and emotional preparation of all the people who call you Coach. This section can help you plan a drill for a grueling morning practice in August, prepare for the emotion of that Schipper. 

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big game in October, and find ways to succeed in the cold wind and rain of a gray afternoon in November. Our goal is to help you develop a specific plan of action for your program that will allow each of your players to maximize his talents and become the best football player his ability will allow.

Some coaches cannot wait until game time. To them, practice is simply unavoidable and a means of passing the time until kickoff.

Others recognize the importance of practice but go through the motions of performing a few drills without purpose. But I am a coach who thoroughly enjoys practice. The practice field is my classroom. To me, a successful coach believes it is his responsibility to prepare a young man fully for the big game and for life. That mission must take place on the practice field.

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Practice provides you an opportunity to teach, to help your players develop and grow. But practice also gives you a chance to get to know your players. What are their work habits? How tough are they physically and mentally? Are they students of the game, or do they need direction every minute they are on the field? Taking on these challenges is why I have found so much pleasure on the practice field.

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