Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Shiny and New

Do you spend half of your life apologising about the state of your car? You go to pick up friends and almost wince as they look at the mud stains, bird excrement, and general dirt around the outside. Well, it’s time to put this to an end. Below, you’ll find some amazing tips to keep your vehicle looking shiny and new!

Park Sensibly

Do you find that your vehicle looks dirty around three hours after cleaning it? Well, the solution could be sensible parking rather than something you’re doing wrong in the cleaning process. If possible, park in the shade rather than in the sun. By putting your car in direct sunlight, you actually weaken the finish, and the paint will also fade.

Furthermore, parking undercover is recommended where possible because this protects your vehicle from snow, rain, leaves, and more.

Choose Cleaning Materials Carefully

Often, people use washing detergent or dish soap and wonder why their vehicle won’t stay clean. Instead, you should be using specialist products designed for cars. Why? Because they use chemicals and formulas specific to cars. You can be sure of a good finish without damaging the paint or taking the wax off.

Clean Stains with Water

You go outside, walk to the car, and find that a bird has pooped on the windscreen or paint again. Though frustrating, the best solution is to douse the area in water and walk away for around five minutes. Once the time is up, come back and you should be able to hose it off with little pain. If necessary, use a soft sponge to wipe it away.

What you absolutely don’t want to do is scrub at the stain while using lots of elbow grease and various products. The more you scrub, the more likely you are to leave scratches and other marks.

Use Wax

If you want the new look after cleaning, you mustn’t forget one of the most important steps of the cleaning process: waxing. If you just clean, it won’t be long before the shine fades and you’re back to normal. With wax, you’re essentially applying a protective layer to your vehicle. Even in the sunlight, your car should keep its shine for much longer.

Don’t Apply Products Directly

As a top tip, never apply products directly to your vehicle. Instead, apply it to your sponge or towel and then to the vehicle. Not only do you have more control when applied to a towel first, but you also aren’t spraying products onto one concentrated spot.

Try a Clay Bar

Be honest, have you ever heard of clay bars? Not many drivers have even though they’ve been around for many decades. Using clay, you’ll pull all grit and dirt away from the surface without causing damage. If you do this before waxing or polishing, the product will adhere more closely, and you’ll get a better finish.

Choose Wax or Polish

You might notice in the previous suggestion that it mentions ‘waxing OR polishing’, and this is because one is just fine. Save time, save money, and keep your car shining with either wax or polish, or consider investing in ceramic car paint protection coating in Perth. Essentially, they’re all made for the same purpose – to lock in cleanliness and protect the car from UV rays.

Bonus Tips

  • Use glass cleaner as clean windows make a huge difference
  • Do a little frequently rather than saving everything to one big cleaning day
  • Use a polish on your wheels to make your car stand out
  • Be careful when driving through puddles and muddy fields
  • Don’t neglect the inside (and use a good air freshener!)

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