Tips to prepare notes for class 6 science

Class 6 is an important class for any student as it involves a variety of subjects, which add a lot of value to a student’s academics. Science among one of these subjects involves concepts, definitions and diagrams. Complete understanding of these concepts, definitions and diagrams of every topic is essential.

Note-making is an important study exercise that involves briefing the actual textbook content into a precise form which creates a separate record of the information which is of at most importance. Notes are a great way of not only jotting down important information but also helps in learning and practising diagrams, definitions, and concepts and also help in revision. Note-taking will help students in improving listening skills, understanding and remembering the information, organizing the content and creating a brief, precise and accurate study guide for improved learning and better performance during exams.

Making notes for the Science subject can be beneficial for a student. Note-making of Science in Class 6 can provide immense clarity on all the topics resulting in the student performing better in their exams.

Tips on how to prepare notes for class 6 Science 

Making notes can seem intimidating to a student, but following and taking into consideration a few tips on note-making specifically focused on the Science subject can make this process easier.

The following are tips to prepare notes for Class 6 Science : 

  • The first and foremost important tip to make Class 6 notes is to understand the chapters present in the textbook well. Studying the chapter in great detail will guide a student better on what to include in their notes. Studying the chapter in detail involves learning about all the topics present in the chapter as well as the definition and the diagrams that a particular chapter contains. It is suggested that students can also mark or highlight important points or lines they find during this process as it will later lead to time-saving when making notes.
  • After analysing and studying the chapter, the student can start preparing the notes. Note making varies from subject to the type of learner one is. Choosing the right note-taking method is important. It is suggested that students should note down the important topics in a simpler language that they can understand while including the textbook language when it comes to definitions and other such aspects. A student should involve all the points and topics they find important, taking into consideration marks weightage will further help. The notes should also be clearly and neatly noted along with correct and near drawings of the diagrams to avoid any confusion when referring to the notes. These points will ensure that the study material prepared by the student will be helpful for learning and revision. 
  • A helpful note-taking tip for the Science subject for class 6 includes involving and combining the teacher’s notes made during Science class at school with the final notes. Combining class notes with the final study notes made the student give them a better as well as a broader perspective and viewpoint on the topics. A student should avoid skipping the Science classes at school as it is needed for a consistent understanding of the chapters, preparation of notes and gaining help from the teacher if required which will help in note-making.
  • Referring to multiple resources for the preparation of notes will help in the inclusion of all the essential points of each topic present in the chapter. A student should solve the textbook questions and CBSE Class 6 Science worksheets with answers to gain more knowledge, clarity as well as to gain a broader perspective on the content which is to be included in the notes. It is suggested that the doubts and problems faced during solving these should be cleared with the teacher and a simpler solution based on it should be incorporated in the notes. This tip is important to understand and learn the subject better along with developing beneficial notes.
  • In the subject of science, definitions are of supreme importance. After all the resources for the preparation of notes are referred to and all the points are incorporated, it is essential to highlight or mark all the important definitions. This exercise will help for quick referring and marking them will also help in visual learning. The breakdown of the different diagrams can also be highlighted for the same purpose. 
  • When note-making for a particular chapter is finished, it is extremely crucial to review the notes made. The notes should be reviewed and analysed to check if the information present in them is correct. The definitions, concepts, spellings and diagrams should be reviewed to check if they are correct. This process of analysing not only helps in correcting the content but also in remembering the concepts well through visual learning through consistent time spent on preparing and reviewing the notes. 
  • After preparing the final copy of notes and reviewing them it is also essential to compare the notes with other students and classmates. By comparing the notes, it can be assured that every crucial topic is included in the most accurate and easy to understand form. This tip will help the student to create a final study material that they can use for preparing for their exam, for revision right before the exam, as well as for analyzing the answers after the completion of their exams or practice tests.


Class 6 students can make studying and understanding Science easier and interesting by preparing helpful notes that will be beneficial before and after the exam for studying and reviewing the performance. 

Notes for Class 6 Science can be prepared by incorporating various tips into the note-making process by primarily, understanding the chapters in detail, correct note-making techniques, by including and combining class notes with final notes, by referring through multiple resources available, highlighting definitions and important points, reviewing the notes and lastly, by comparing the final notes with the notes prepared by other students and classmates. 

Following these tips and ensuring they are executed correctly will help in preparing efficient and beneficial notes.

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