Tools of the trade – How to care for your wig like a Professional

Great, you have found the perfect wig. The perfect style and the perfect color from Unice. Maybe you are even lucky enough to have two wigs. But now you are faced with the daunting task of hair care. You need to know which products are good for wig hair and what will make your wig last longer.

You also need to know what products to use to keep your hair shiny and natural-looking. There is nothing as embarrassing as wearing a wig that is supposed to look like your natural hair but because you have used the wrong shampoo, conditioner, or spray, your hair looks as if it should be on a barbie doll. You need to take care that your natural luscious human hair wig looks perfect all the time and is not over-sprayed and dry like the hair of a doll.

We have tried all the products available on the market and have come up with a list that every wig lover must have in their collection!

Here is a list of your Must-Haves!

  1. Top Quality Brush – Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap brush that you use once and then have to throw away. Invest in a good quality brush that is gentle on your hair and detangles as you brush. Make sure the bristles are spaced well apart and securely fastened to the attachment. You will use your brush regularly so invest in a high-quality brush. If you want to treat the hair on your wig in the best way possible, get a wet detangling brush for wig washing days and another for dry hair. A wet brush does wonders to detangle without breaking or stretching the hair.
  2. Comb – Always have a wide-tooth comb handy. Carry it in your bag wherever you go. When you comb your hair during the day when you are out, simply give the top layer of the hair a gentle comb, there is no need to give it a thorough comb-through if you have followed a good maintenance program with your hair.
  3. Spray Bottle – A spray bottle in your handbag can be small and go unnoticed but can spritz life back into your wig. Fill a spray or spritz bottle with a mixture of shampoo, conditioner, and water, and mix thoroughly. When you are out and about simply spritz this spray onto your curly or wavy wigs and see the original curls return. Don’t use too much else you will be left with soggy hair, and it will have the opposite effect.
  4. Oil or Serum in a Spritz bottle – The climate can be harsh to wig hair because the hair shaft is not protected by the natural serum that is secreted by the sebaceous glands on the scalp. To ensure the shaft of the hair is pliable and doesn’t stretch, mix some serum or oil with water into a spray bottle. When you pop into the bathroom to reapply your lipstick, simply spritz your wig and see how it shines while moisturizing.
  5. Continuous mist spray – Many hair care professionals advise that you use a mist spray during the day. They are easy to use and dispense a mist instead of a spray. This will recreate the natural bounce in your hair without wetting it.
  6. Shampoo and Conditioner – Keeping your hair clean and well-conditioned should be part of your regular wig care regime. A clean wig is easy to style, and the hair always looks healthy as there is no product build up. Make sure you choose a natural shampoo and conditioner, alcohol free if possible. There are so many hair products on the market. Choose a herbal essence shampoo and conditioner, it will make your hair last longer as there are no damaging harsh chemicals in the products. Once you have washed, conditioned and rinsed use your wet detangling brush to brush out any tangles or matting before you dry your hair. Whenever possible let your wig air dry.
  7. Ultraviolet Ray Protection – Just as the sun’s rays cause damage to your skin, so it also damages your hair. Protecting your hair from heat damage from the sun is just as important as protecting your hair from heat styling tools. Before you use any heat styling equipment on your hair you spray a styling spray that offers thermal protection onto the shaft of the hair and the ends. This prevents split ends and damage to the shaft of the hair. Using a UV protector spray or cream is the same thing. UV protectors come in both cream and spray bottles and will protect the sun from drying out your hair. If you are wearing a blonde wig, this is especially important as it will keep the color vibrant looking for longer. Red and brown hair benefits just as much from UV protection. UV Protected red and brown hair stops the hair from turning to a brassy color and keeps the natural color longer.
  8. Serums and Oils for your Hair – Natural hair wigs are prone to dryness, especially when worn every day. The hair on your wig, although human, is no longer receiving natural nutrients and oils from the scalp, this means it can dry out a lot quicker than natural hair. It is important to take the necessary steps to avoid dryness and hydrate your hair often. Professionals suggest that after you have washed your hair, rinsed and towel dried, you apply a small amount of serum to the shaft of the hair and the ends. Take a spritz bottle and mix the serum or natural oil, such as olive, argan, coconut, or almond with water. Mix thoroughly. Put this spray into your handbag and have a lightweight moisturizing spray that you can use during the day to keep your hair shiny while adding moisture.
  9. Wig adhesive – Whether you wear your wig every day or just on special occasions it is important to use a high-quality adhesive. When you know your hair is bonded to your scalp and can’t slide off you naturally feel more comfortable. For a good adhesive, look for a product that contains 100% medical-grade silicon. Using this will ensure that your wig is securely on your scalp and because it is a medical product it will not harm your scalp or your wig cap in any way.
  10. Storing your wig correctly – If you don’t wear your wig every day it is important to keep it safe and perfectly stored. When you come home after wearing your wig all day, don’t just discard it. Remove the wig from your head, give it a gentle brush, and put it into a hair net, and then into a silk scarf or the carry box in which you bought it. Satin and silk bags, foam heads, boxes, and wig hangers are there to ensure your wig is perfectly stored and not damaged. Ready to wear for your next day out.

These 10 tips and tricks from professional hair stylists will make your hair care routine much easier and you will have a longer-lasting beautiful head of hair for many months to come!

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