Top 4 Reasons Why IT consulting companies are Gaining Importance

Major manufacturing hubs across the world are mulling another production shutdown owing to nationwide lockdown as the third Covid 19 infection wave has already hit countries. This rings a warning bell for product development companies who have software development projects queued in their pipeline. Another lockdown will mean further manpower crunch, demand and supply equilibrium going haywire, improper workflow management, among others. This is where IT consulting companies will gain relevance and will play a key role in sustaining operations for product development companies. Here’s looking at the top 4 reasons substantiating this forecast:

Beneficial for small and medium size enterprises– Investing into new resources is not a good idea for small and medium size enterprises. Imposition of another lockdown will restrict employee footfall onsite and to arrange for offline work infrastructure for the hired resources will be an additional headache.The best way to sustain productivity is to partner with IT consulting companies. They provide resources who have domain knowledge that is specific to an enterprise’s business needs. Such resources work based on project needs and are paid for only what they serve. They have the flexibility to respond to clients’ needs at any time as a part of them work remotely on different time zones. This results in cost savings and workforce scalability as opposed to maintaining an in-house team.

The need for bespoke solutionsThe entire IT industry is expected to take a paradigm shift to long term product development project than short-term high value projects.This trend will reinstate the importance of IT consulting companies as they are known to provide bespoke solutions attuned to clients’ operational needs.IT consulting companies provide robust technical advice and support that will be key to address dynamic requirements during a long-term development project. Meanwhile, IT consulting companies are observed to bolster their expertise in niche areas to help clients with better strategies, on demand solutions, and consultations, all under a single roof.

Phasing out legacy systemsA majority ofproduct development companies can still be seen fiddling with outdated IT infrastructure. Such an outdated infrastructure cannot support newer software and hence cannot defend operations from security risks. Most of the companies do not have sufficient resources to invest into a new IT infrastructure. Even if they do, there’s no guarantee of the new infrastructure’s suitability in the operational ecosystem.IT consulting companies have a deep understanding of such complex scenarios. This understanding enables them to curate and provide solutions that are compatible both in the cloud and on-premises.They are also known to provide a holistic support for infrastructure migration related issues.

24*7 resources availability–This is one of the most significant benefit of associating withIT consulting companies amidst apprehensions of resources shortfall due to lockdowns.They have resources located at delivery centers that are spread across areas that are less affected by the pandemic. Such resources provide services that are unaffected by the pandemic-induced mobility restrictions. The fact that these resources work remotely on different timelines helps them cater to their clients’ queries on a 24*7 basis.These resources maintain a robust communication channel that aids a flawless collaboration between the client and the IT consulting companies.


Enterprises must make a careful choice while partnering with IT consulting companies. It must be remembered that while service cost plays a key role in negotiating with the partner, it should not be the deciding factor.Firsthand expertise in handling projects that are similar to the client’s project pipeline, ability to analyze clients’ business requirements, adoption of industry best practices are some of the key parameters that must be considered to ensure a fruitful partnership with IT consulting companies.

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