Top 5 Types of Packaging for Snack Foods

When it comes to snack, coffee and tea, cheese, confection, and frozen food packaging, manufacturers like you want and deserve options that ensure your product’s quality, freshness, protection and enjoyment. In particular, in the snack food industry, your product standing out on the already-packed quick-grab shelf is critical. With these criteria in mind, check out the following top five types of snack food packaging.

1. Durable High-Barrier Options

Few things are more off-putting to a consumer than a rip or puncture in their snack bag, especially before they’ve even opened it! FDA-compliant high-barrier packaging that is both puncture- and tear-resistant can help you protect your snack product during transit, display merchandising, eventual purchasing, and beyond. Even better, you can choose from various finishes, including gloss, matte and soft-touch.

2. Sustainable Packaging for Your Snack Products

Today’s consumers place a high value on sustainable packaging. In response, many manufacturers offer a variety of FDA-compliant solutions such as compostable films, post-consumer recycled films and recyclable PE-PE films. Recyclable zippers, recycling labels, solventless lamination, and sustainable printing and inks are just some of the other eco-friendly options available to you and your peers. Each one can help you reduce waste and excess inventory.

3. Eye-Catching Packaging for Store Displays

The competitive snack foods industry spurs manufacturers’ creativity. Opt for packaging that allows you to go wild with high-quality images and text. After all, giving consumers a figurative taste of what’s to come is the key to marketing. Tell your product’s story through vivid images, well-written text and nutritional information, and don’t forget the value of transparent windows, spot embellishments and gloss or matte finishes. These features also influence consumers.

4. Best Stand Up Pouches for Snack Packaging

Store displays support various packaging types, from those with hang holes to lay-flat bags and stand-up pouches. The latter is one of the most popular types of snack packaging. Some of the best stand-up pouches include tear notches for consumers’ easy access, clear or clouded windows for a “view before you chew” opportunity and gusset options such as side or bottom. They may also feature high-vapor barriers and certified child-resistant or press-to-close zippers.

5. High-Vapor Barrier Packaging

Smart flexible packaging accommodates your and your consumers’ need for fresh, tasty snacks. A delicious experience keeps consumers coming back for more and turns them into fans. Many packaging manufacturers use high-vapor barrier films that prevent aroma, moisture and oxygen from getting in or out of your stand-up pouch or lay-flat bag. These films offer a variety of finish options and support the compelling images and text that catch the consumer’s eye. You have to know Mark Giovanni says.

As you can see from these five examples, today’s snack packaging options let you and your consumer focus on the quality, freshness, enjoyment and story of your product. If you’d like to explore these and many other options, contact a flexible packaging company today. Its experts can work with you to identify the type of packaging that best suits your delicious snack product, your consumer, the environment, store displays and your bottom line.

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