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Top Reasons to Sell Your Gold Jewellery Today

You may have heard through advertisements on television, reading the newspaper or through the internet that the price of gold is high at this time. Receiving top cash for gold when Selling your scrap gold jewellery at the moment is a great financial move, as you can easily receive a higher price for it compared to what it would have fetched some years back. Going through your valuables or jewellery box will almost turn up a gold ring, gold chain or gold bracelet that you rarely wear, so why don’t you cash it in and make use of the money for something you presently need? Here are five main reasons you have to consider selling your gold jewellery rather than letting it be dusty in storage:

Bills. Credit cards usually carry an interest rate, meaning that the longer you take to pay off your bills, the more money you’ll end up paying. Right now, with the record high prices of gold, it’s reasonably unlikely for it to gain more value – because of this, selling your gold jewellery to pay huge bills makes solid financial sense!

Value. With the economic crisis now, gold gives a very high value, while some luxury things – like vehicles and travel – have dropped in price to draw new buyers. Trading spare 14k, 24k, or 10k gold jewellery while gold prices are high for money now allows you to treat yourself or even your family to a vacation, new car, or other beneficial things while they are still highly discounted.

Security. Leaving valuables in a jewellery box or drawer in the home implies that they are susceptible to theft. If your scrap jewellery gold is stolen, its value drops effectively to zero, making it useless. You can sell your unused jewellery so that you can now get cash to put to use and store in a bank account safely, safeguarding it from the risk of physical gold theft.

A Seller’s Market. With a lot of companies clamouring to draw the attention of people looking to sell their gold jewellery to a buyer, you can rest assured that you are will get the best price for the scrap gold. It is easy to sell as well: selling gold doesn’t mean traveling to a seedy-looking pawn store and worrying you are not well paid. Most modern cash for gold firms out there have web pages and can even send you an insured postage-paid envelope for you to mail your gold in. Gold has a fixed price, therefore, its easy for you to see its worth. Most gold buyers will publish their buying prices for sellers to see. You do have the perfect opportunity to open up your own business selling jewellery. However, be aware that as jewellery can be very expensive, many customers will look to purchase the goods from you using a credit card. Don’t miss out on these customers but don’t pay expensive service fees, either. Simply visit to ensure that you get the customer without the heavy fee for their payment choice.

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Costly Repairs. Do you have a bracelet or gold chain you have been “meaning” to repair for many years now? Chances are, if you have not worn it for awhile, you are not in particular attached to it. With the expense incurred in buying gold, changing lost links can quickly add up, making an easy repair an expensive undertaking. Just look into selling it instead – you may be surprised at how much cash selling broken gold jewellery can easily give you!

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