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The hot and humid weather in Singapore has caused many people to feel the need for an aircon. The problem with this is that there are very few places where you can get aircon gas top up service. If you’re looking for an aircon gas top up service, then look no further than Socool! We offer quick and safe service at competitive rates, so contact us today if you want to make sure your aircon is perfect for these scorching summer days ahead.

Companies offering aircon refill also often quote extremely high prices for their services, which is why we recommend Socool if you want to get a simple and inexpensive aircon gas top up service. Aircon owners who need to get the gas in their units replaced or topped up should head down to us today! Statistically speaking, there is no chance that your preferred company will be cheaper than Socool; it’s simply not possible. If companies were able to offer more competitive rates while still maintaining an acceptable profit margin, they would do so without hesitation.

To make sure this is clear: we cannot believe any company could offer lower prices than us and be profitable! This means there’s no doubt you’ll save money by getting your gas refilled at our station instead of somewhere else.

Why is it not safe to refill aircon yourself?

If you want to refill your aircon, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t do it yourself. For one thing, the gas in aircons can be toxic if used incorrectly. If this gas isn’t handled properly, it could cause serious harm. The last thing anyone wants when they’re suffering from heat stroke is for someone to add more fumes into the mix!

The other reason why you shouldn’t top up your own unit has less to do with safety and more with convenience; see, we take away the hard work so that all you have to think about is enjoying cool, fresh air in no time at. This makes our service infinitely more useful than the option of doing it yourself, which is why you should contact us if you want to make sure your aircon is in tip-top condition.

What are the benefits of having Socool refill my aircon for me?

There are too many reasons why people choose Socool to top up their aircons! The main reason is convenience; yes, there’s no denying this! When you think about how much effort goes into getting your unit refilled by professional personnel, it makes perfect sense that they only do the job themselves.

This isn’t just about convenience though – there are also significant safety benefits associated with our gas top up service! Safety comes first at Socool, so we always ensure that our technicians follow strict safety protocols when they’re refilling aircons. We never risk using unsafe chemicals to refill your unit, which is why you should always choose us over the competition.

If you want to refill your own aircon, it’s unlikely that you’ll use the correct chemicals in the correct amounts and at the right temperatures. This could give you a false sense of security about your aircon until one day, when it malfunctions! When this happens, it’s all your family can think about – what are you going to do? If you have no idea, then there’s only one thing to do; contact Socool for quick and safe service.

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