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Traveling is a thing that you may love to do. And when you explore new places, you get to enjoy many things you might not have experienced before. Now, one place that you might not have been to is Mathura. Yes, it is a place that boasts a rich cultural heritage that is interlaced through hundreds and thousands of legends as well as myths. 

No wonder, the place is regarded as one of the seven holy cities by that of Hindus all over india. Even in this modern-day time, the charm of Mathura goes on to lure visitors from all areas of the country and beyond. And what really makes this holy city a hot favorite among tourists is the destinations it has for the visitors.  And there are certainly reasons to book hotels in mayur vihar for your trip because you would be traveling much in this city. You would get to go to different spots and everyday want a comfortable place to relax at. Once you are active and fresh; only then you can make the utmost of exploring different destinations.

Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple, Mathura

Remember that your trip to Mathura is never going to be complete without a visit to this shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. It is an attraction that never really fails to fascinate tourists. As the name shows it all, it underlines the place of lord Krishna’s birth. Regarded as the most divine place in Mathura, the temple is built up around the prison cell, where Devaki is considered to have given birth to Krishna nearly 5000 years ago. Though the original temple was built by king vajra, the great-grandson of lord Krishna, the shrine has got destroyed and rebuilt 17 times over the time of history. In the present time, it stands as one of the most well-known places to visit not just in Mathura, but also that of in the entire country.

In case you happen to visit Mathura during the festivals of Holi or that of Janmashtami, you can be part of the lively celebrations that draw lakhs. Whether you are a believer or that of not, don’t miss out on the city without going to this holy shrine. 

Jama masjid,

Well, if you are wondering that the place is all about temples that is not the reality. Temples are not really the only things that make Mathura one of the most-visited spots in the country. There are a couple of historic and old-fashioned mosques too in the city. Nearly 1 km from shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple is Jama masjid, a well-known and renowned mosque that dates to that of 1661. The mosque is ornated with four ornamented minarets, that, combined with its mesmerizing architecture, make this charming structure a sight to behold. Each day, the mosque fascinates not just Muslim devotees, but scores of tourists as well, who come to simply marvel at this monument’s gorgeousness. So, make sure that you visit this charismatic spot.

Mathura museum,

In case you make a list of reasons Mathura is amidst the most visited destinations in india, you cannot help but make am mention of the Mathura museum, even known as the government museum. Formed up in 1874, this is the place that attracts tourists and history buffs alike. It features a host of diverse types of sculptures, coins, paintings, artifacts, pottery, and several other things that give you a swift glimpse into the past era. The architecture of this sandstone museum is another lure that draws hordes of travelers.  In case you are a person with an inclination towards art and that of architecture, do not really miss out on visiting this charming museum on your Mathura trip. After all, the visit to this spot would fill you with artistic glee and charm for sure.

Vishram ghat, Mathura

If you ask any local person about the popular and good places to visit in Mathura and Vishram ghat’s name is definite to crop up. Out of the twenty-five splendid ghats in Mathura built along the banks of river Yamuna, Vishram ghat is clearly believed to be the most sacred one. As per the legends, lord Krishna took rest at this ghat after he killed Kansas, his uncle.  

Formed out of marble stones and adorned with a gorgeously beautiful arch, the ghat offers a stunning view of the charming temples surrounding it. You can easily even relish a boat ride when you are here. If you happen to visit the place in the time of evening during the time of the aarti, you are surely going to be delighted to witness countless small oil lamps floating down and making their path in the Yamuna. The entire scene looks beautiful and feels so divine.

Kans Qila

Well, this Kans Qila is a fort that testifies to the gorgeousness and timelessness of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. That is not the one significant aspect of this fort, though. Going by the legends, it was once upon a time home to king Kansas, the dictatorial uncle of lord Krishna. Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, this is the fort that isn’t in its best condition today. Nonetheless, it is a massive draw for tourists visiting the city. You know what, this is an ancient fort that is said to have housed an observatory once, but you are not going to be able to find any sign of it in the present time. However, its fortified walls as well as huge structure make it worth your while.

Govardhan hill,

There is no need for you to lose your heart if you are in Mathura for simply a few of days. You can find a lot of interesting spots to visit in Mathura and Vrindavan in a single day. One such spot is the famed Govardhan hill. Situated near Vrindavan, this hill grips much spiritual significance for Hindus from across the country. As per the legends, when lord Krishna was still a child, he had lifted this massive sized on just one finger to save his village from incessant rains and thunderstorm, beating lord Indra, the god of rain as well as thunder, and crushing his ego in the procedure.


So, you have endless reasons to book hotels in mayur vihar to ensure that you have a great time in this city of Mathura. 

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