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Types Of Poppers

Poppers are liquid drugs that are consumed by people to obtain a feeling of euphoria. These drugs show instantaneous effects such as dizziness, sex enhancement, fits of laughter, increased heart rate, and pleasant sensations. With the availability of many different types and brands of poppers in the market, it might become very difficult to choose the best type and brand of poppers that is ideal for you. Poppers are generally harmful to people and can lead to fatal consequences like the loss of vision, brain injury, increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases and so on.

Types of poppers

There are mainly four types of Poppers UK that are sold in the market. Each of these types has its characteristic effects and contains different types of nitrates.

  1. Amyl Poppers

Amyl poppers are one of the strongest kinds of poppers and their after-effects are more long-lasting when compared to the other types. The most common effects of amyl poppers include euphoria and loss of inhibition. Since it is among the strongest poppers, it is not recommended for first-time users as it can have severe effects. Countries other than France consider amyl poppers illegal.

  1. Pentyl Poppers

Pentyl poppers are the most famous and most commonly sold poppers in the world. These poppers offer an instant rush and are highly desired by people during sex. They evaporate very slowly, almost two times slower than other poppers.

  1. Propyl Poppers

Propyl poppers are another one of the strongest poppers in the world. Due to this reason, many authorities had banned the drug for years. However, due to a lack of evidence during studies, the countries lifted the ban, making it legal to use.

  1. Butyl Poppers

Butyl poppers are not so popular among people and are mainly used to enhance the intensity of orgasms. It is a very strong kind of popper and may lead to fatal results in people. As a result, in January 2017, butyl poppers were banned throughout the European continent.

There are many different brands of poppers that are still safe to use for people. Some of them are Jungle Juice, Everest, Iron Horse, Blue boy, and Dragon Power. Jungle Juice is a historic brand and quite renowned among popper consumers. Everest is a brand new French addition to the list. Iron Horse is a good choice for people who are just looking for some thrill. Dragon Power is a stronger form of poppers that unveils the craziness in you.

Some other brands of poppers have their name connected to the city of origin. For example, Berlin poppers, Amsterdam poppers and Ibiza poppers. Berlin poppers are one of the most hardcore forms of poppers and feature nostalgia from the best places in Berlin. Amsterdam poppers, on the other hand, carry the highlights and the aroma of the famed sex city in the world.


Poppers are liquid drugs that are used by people to achieve a sense of euphoria and to lose their inhibitions during parties. Though it’s very dangerous for people, there are different brands of poppers that sell them legally in different countries. Propyl poppers are legal in almost all countries whereas butyl poppers are banned throughout Europe.

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