As technology continues to advance, there are more innovations that are being done in all fields one of them being the roofing field.Having roofs that durable is something every person wants when building a house. Decra is a roof that is stone coated making it durable and strong.

Decra roofing sheets uses Aluzinc steel that enables it to last long. The Aluzinc has protection from resin that protects it from handling as manufacturing takes place, installation and even during transportation. The volcanically formed stone chips that are natural help in the coating of the Decra roofing sheets making them beautiful and give them the ability to withstand harsh weather.


The quantum technology is used in coating Decra sheets for roofing. The technology applied enables the roofs to look new each and every time giving them a longer lifespan. The technology also helps in:

  • Maintaining the vibrant roof color
  • Chip loss is prevented
  • Staining is greatly reduced
  • Organic growth is another thing that is greatly reduced.
  • The roof looks newer and lasts longer


Their life span is great as compared to roofing materials that have been galvanized. People living in the coastal regions can use the roofs to reduce rusting and are given a 50-year warranty.


Testing has been done on the roofs with temperatures of fire up to 760 degrees and no flames have been shown nor sparks and smoke. The roofing Decra tiles can therefore serve areas that are of high temperatures or buildings that are public and for commercial purposes.


The roofing sheets have been in existence since 1957 and therefore there is a lot of experience accompanied with that. Decra roofing sheets prices in Kenya are favorable as compared to the durability and quality that a buyer receives.


The Decra roofing sheets are made in a way that they overlap and this improves security as intruders will have a hard time breaking into the building not forgetting the strong winds that may enter inside the room.


Once you have known the Decra roofing in Kenya, you may need to install the roofs on your building. The installation process is cost effective as it is fast. The sheets are light making transportation faster and therefore reducing costs. During installation, the manpower needed is average since the sheets are light reducing the time of installation.


There is inspection done on the roofs by hand which ensures that there is quality that is existent. Comparison is also done with other roofing materials with the Decra roofing sheets to ensure that a good quality of it is produced. Testing is done always so as to ensure the best quality is produced for use and therefore maximum performance is offered by the sheets.


If you need your building to have the best look, you need to look for roofing sheets that will make it look beautiful and also strong to serve you for a longer time. No one wants to buy roofing sheets each and every time because of leakages and other faults.

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