Understanding The Tax On Cryptocurrency With The Current Trends In India

Normally, the Cryptocurrency holdings are the property and not income. Apart from these, the money you earn as holdings increase in value is a taxable capital gain when sold in India. When you have lost the money in the capital loss and reported it as such. So, you should calculate crypto profit and loss to report your crypto tax properly.

All the Holdings are taxed as short-term capital gains when you have owned for less than a year as well as for the long-term capital gains. These are much more important for paying Taxes in India when you are making any transactions.  A new tax on cryptocurrency in India has been implemented when you have owned them for longer than a year.

Tax On The Crypto Mining:

Same rules of taxation in India on crypto do not apply to cryptocurrency mining. The main reason is that many business miners as well as hobby miners report earnings from mining as income.

Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies that you earn for your work mining is required to be completely reported to the IRS on Form 1099-NEC. These can be done using the mining pool or payer. When the individual mined the crypto reports this amount as the business income then it is necessary to make the payment-in-kind instead of the cash process.

Crypto Investors In The Country:

Recently, the government announced the new Tax laws on the cryptocurrency that has been exchanged in the country. Based on the report, all the cryptocurrency truncation needs to be reported about paying 30% of the total income. The main reason is that cryptocurrency is also called an income-based asset.

Goods and services tax (GST) council also have been mulling about a 28% tax on Cryptocurrencies apart from the current GST on casinos, lottery and betting. This service includes crypto mining-enabled sales as well as purchases that could easily attract about 28% GST when the proposal goes through the GST meeting.

Modern Cryptocurrency-Platform:

Many Cryptocurrency-platform developers have been using many options for circulating the newer cryptocurrency tokens. When a new cryptocurrency platform sells a set of coins or tokens in the Fiat currency or even major Cryptocurrencies based on the Initial Token Offering (ITO) or Initial Coin Offering (ICO), then they will be easily processed accordingly even without any hassle.

It relies on a proof-of-work validation mechanism to easily gain the major benefits. Cryptocurrency platform with the new cryptocurrency units for the parties validates transactions involving the platform’s cryptocurrency as well as records the verified transactions in the network’s blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Airdrop:

The Cryptocurrency Airdrop in the cryptocurrency business is an advanced marketing stunt which involves sending the tokens and coins to the wallet address. Knowing about what is airdrop in cryptocurrency is more important for gaining more benefits in the process.

These are helpful for promoting awareness about virtual currency. Normally, there is a small amount of new virtual currency sent to the wallets for free or in return for a small service. Marketing method employed by many startups in the cryptocurrency


Miners, stakers as well as others would be receiving the transaction fee or token in exchange for verifying the transactions. It also involves the complete verification process, also called as the mining in the blockchain protocols.

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