Unified communication – A shot in the arm for your workplace productivity.

Imagine a work ecosystem wherein your agents can handle voice, video, and data communication over a single click – no more endless switches between two different departments. Data will flow from one end to another before you notice that. Your customers will get auto SMS updates regarding their queries and services while your agents are other weighty things.

What if we tell you that all of this is possible with your business phone number

Yes, it’s not claptrap. It’s true, and unified communication is what makes it happen.  Unified communication has business concepts which put emphasis to bring all the means of communication, such as instant messaging (chat), voice, presence information, mobility features, extension mobility, audio, web & video conferencing, speech recognition, voicemail recording, transcribing, integrated email, and fax over a centralized place. By doing this, it helps a business to leverage its operations and team productivity by many folds.

Why businesses seek maximum team productivity

A skilled and seasoned workforce is the biggest asset of any business as they are the means to conduct operations. To hire them, businesses spend a lot of effort, time, and money. Once hiring is done, businesses polish them with training. After doing all of this and more, businesses wish that their team should be highly efficient to generate more and more revenue by utilizing the available resources.

If the team is highly productive and conducting operations that way, then no one can stop business to flourish. That is why businesses try every tip and trick to enhance the teams’ productivity at the workplace. Little did they know that an online phone number can do all of this and more.

Here is how unified communication

  • Remote working is now possible

Various statistics show that your employees fritter away a major chunk of time in commuting to the workplace. Sometimes the workplace travel can be hours long. Traveling to and for every day for so many miles makes them tired and tattered that ultimately affects their productivity.

With the help of unified communication, you can allow your employees to work from remote locations without compromising on the work quality. Many companies investing in  remote employee productivity monitoring software  for better data collection and efficiency.

The rise of unified communication has made remote working not possible but highly scalable.

Gone are those days when your team used to make excuses with limited work capabilities while working from remote locations. They can set-up their mini-office in their living room and can conduct meetings, video conferences, and present business plans. You can invite as many participants to be part of the meeting without being worried about the location. The best part is that every participant will have equal data sharing capability.

For example, if your employee situated in Sydney (+612) is, then s/he can easily make/receive calls, send custom sales reports directly to the department, can transfer the call to any other department situated at other locations without any hassles.

The viability of remote working in a real-time situation can be comprehended with a recent study done by Stanford University with CTri. The study revealed that the firm could experience the 13% – 9.5% hike in its teleworkers’ productivity when they were allowed to work from home.

  • Better collaboration means advanced operations

Collaborating with other business components is an integral part of day-to-day business operations. However, it can become highly cumbersome where there is no linking between different components. Unified communication offers commendable integration. This integration brings all the different components, such as CRM, sales, and marketing over a centralized place. This promotes easy collaboration and better operations at every vertical.

For example, your employee situated in Melbourne (+613) can easily gather the CRM information of any client using Australia Virtual Phone Number. Also, software-based unified communication will help you to do visual collaboration over a single click.

  • Multitasking is swift

One of the key factors that can ensure that high work productivity is the multi-tasking ability of your team members.  Unified communication with virtual business phone numbers enables them to conduct various operations simultaneously. When your agent is on a call, he can do call recording, take note of customer details, send an instant SMS update to the customer, ask for feedback, and even transcribe the voicemail directly into the email. Well, doing all of this at a time is way more than multitasking.

Unified communication offers a whole lot of features and systems to boost up your work productivity. However, choosing the right resource and implementing it upright is the key to success here. So, stop looking here and there and start buying a reliable cloud-based phone system and introduce unified communication in your business ecosystem.

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