Universo Paralello is the King of Beach Party


The Universo Paralello Festival is at the heart of Brazil’s psychedelic trance community. It is the premier New Year party with more than a week of non-stop melody during the New Year holidays. Translated as “Parallel Universe,” the festival is Brazil’s most international outdoor festival and boasts the most significant and highest quality in South America. Great decoration, great music, perfect location with beautiful beaches, everything is just like a paradise. It’s one of the psychedelic trance festivals I’ve always wanted to visit.

The Universo Paralello Festival will hold at Praia de Pratigi, a private oasis on the beach in southern Bahia. The clear blue sky, the wind is running through the beach and the white sand. Brazil’s summer holidays are held from a few days before New Year’s Eve to a few days after New Year’s Eve. It is a time when air tickets are soaring, so if it is convenient for you, it is recommending to investigate in advance and procure with some ingenuity.

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Peaceful charm

Universo Paralello is surrounding by a very peaceful atmosphere. All the participating travelers are familiar people who are accustomed to enjoying the festival. You can also enjoy ethnic face painting, artistic performances, and healing therapies. Of course, the organizer has realized environmentally friendly operations. The cloudless blue sky of the beach and the fluttering cloth on the floor, which is too beautiful as a shade, are very symbolic. It has no distortion to announce that you can realize this open space because it is an Universo Paralello festival. It’s one of the most notable parties.

History of the Universo Paralello Festival

Brazil Fesival – Universo Paralello began in the mountains of Brazil as a party held with free connection and peace. The first event was a small party of hundreds of people from all over Brazil. Even though it later changed its location to the beach of Bahia and has grown unthinkably from the beginning. The spirit of peace that is the essence of the festival remains consistent to this day. The Universo Paralello Festival has been held every other year since 2011 and has grown to become Brazil’s largest psychedelic trance event. These will be the 16th event from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022. It’s an example of the most beloved parties for trance lovers and travelers. A party that lasts for more than a week across the year-end and New Year holidays Universo Paralello will hold for over a week across the New Year. It always offers an irresistible lineup for psychedelic trance lovers.

In addition to trance, there are seven areas and six stages. You will relish a full assortment of musical techniques at Universo Paralello, of automated and dance melody to different genres such as reggae and rap. There are various workshops and arts, so we recommend that you actively participate if you are interested. These are your chance to experience slacklining, drug knowledge, juggling, yoga classes, remedial space and therapy, movies, cinema, design fairs, concerts, talks, and more.

Venue of the Universo Paralello Festival

The Universo Paralello Festival catches the community in a great location at Praia de Pratigi, a hidden oasis in Itubella, southern Bahia, Brazil. However, if you are going through the United States, it is recommended that you go through Europe because you need to go through immigration procedures in the United States and obtain an ESTA.  Brazil was midsummer when the festival had held. The temperature is often over 30 degrees Celsius, and it is passionate and muggy. I’m grateful to be in the sea at any time. It seems that you will spend most of your time in a bathing suit during the day, but the sun is intense, so be sure to take measures against sunburn

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