Upcoming Future Trend of Online Casinos in Asian Market

Since the end of 2019 and outbreak of Corona Virus as a pandemic have changed the phase of gambling industry to the next level. It saw the rise in online casino, as 60% population in Asia sought casino online for time pass and to make a passive income during the lock down. The various market researches on online gambling and betting market found a rapid growth in Asia. Its trends were different from Australia, Europe and the USA. It showed the interest of the Asians involved in gambling industry online. We must thank the fintech companies, software designers and developers, banks, Government regulatory bodies, and people behind the use of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) developers.

Here, we have discussed the future trends which contributed towards the online casinos in Asian market.

Fun and Entertainment

Asian people during the locked were on their smart phones seeking the ways to seek entertainment online. The e-gaming was the best option available during the pandemic. Thus, many F2P or free to play casinos online were introduced. It saw a mass logins on F2P online casino sites. Within a year, active members were more than the live online casinos. Thus, people not under legal age did use such platforms to play games without real-money. Anyhow, the F2Ps boosted their income by launching freemium casino sites. Either, any new member were able to join free and later have to become a paid member or with registration fee or deposits to play further.

The F2Ps did earn via mass member log in. It boosted advertisements on their site by number of visitors increased throughout the Asian countries. The majority of population which used this platform was from Asia Pacific, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Within 2022, there were million active users on such sites. It has boosted many start-ups and tech companies to invest in online gambling.

Many developers and designers got job opportunities by developing trending casino games using the latest in graphics and gaming technology.

Passive income

Since 2000, many people from the Asian countries searched online for how to earn online during the lock down due to Covid-19. They all sought a passive income as jobs were cut, no jobs or they wished to earn online during the pandemic.

A million of the Asians were in online casino. It was the smart option available over the internet. Thus, many people started to mint money by taking high risk in highly volatile online gambling sites. When lockdown restriction was taken in many countries of Asia, they showed interest in sports betting online. The live casinos online did give this opportunity for gamblers and others to make use of their sports betting apart from slots and other thousands of games.

Many online casinos gave bonus for new joiners, rewards and by availing coupons online. These free to access paid sites did encouraged beginners and professionals to take such bonuses as easy money as deposits to earn good later.

During the pandemic, many Asians have become a millionaire overnight. They did incur losses and tried their best by using various gaming strategies, their expertise on a game and finally luck to get a jackpot. Thus, many of the Asians lifestyle has improved as they did not suffer due to lack of money during Covid-19.

Fintech Companies

Many fintech companies in Asia made payment gate ways issues much easier than before. The crypto currencies were used to pay deposits and registration in many paid online casinos. Thus, they were easy to make use of fintech channels gateways to deposit and withdraw money than any other e-wallets. The commission or charges were less when compared to other payment gateway options available on top 100 online casinos.

Thus the use of crypto currencies is trending with online gamblers. Many of the existing and new sites are providing this payment options to meet the demands of online gamblers and casino game players.

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry did change the trend of online casinos in Asia. When many of the top 50 live casinos were closed due to lockdown, they ventured into online casinos. Its saw thousands of active players than in their live casino as the tourism were shutdown in many parts of Asia.

Many Southeast Asian countries did earn via tourism. The casinos were sought by people seeking leisure tour. Such people did south online casinos during the lockdown. They sites with AR and VR made them to feel they were in a real casino.

Since 2021, many Asian countries eased travel restrictions to boost tourism. The countries where casinos or gambling were banned did permit online casino. Thus it boosted their economy by making regulatory changes in tourism and gambling industry.

Advanced Technology in Gaming

Today many Asians are interested in e-gaming than visiting a nearby live casino. These trends were done by people working in gaming technology. They were able to develop amazing online casino sites. Since, members were able to win, play with knowledge and win jackpots by much interactive gaming by AR and VR technologies.

When it comes to sports betting, a member was like a live audience. It was the effect of using advanced technology in gaming. Thus, betting on sports online becomes major revenue to site owners where they did give a part of their profits as wins in sports betting.

Today, people who are not under legal age do play without real money interestingly in such latest online gambling sites. It has made them much confident to play on real money when they reach the legal age.  Seeing the demand of people, various Governments in the Asian countries did allow online casinos as legal in their countries.


Today, a 60% of the Asian people have a Smartphone and more than one internet-enabled device. They all seek fun or wishes to earn money online in their free time. Thus, the expected growth of this industry is at 15% yearly. It will reach 170 billion dollar industry in coming five years.

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