Using a Cool Mist Humidifier in Your RV 

When traveling in an RV (recreational vehicle), you have the flexibility to follow your own itinerary, unlike buying a ticket for an airplane or train. RVs also allow you to pack more travel items without paying to bring them along, and your pets don’t need to be left behind with a family member. As you are taking your leisurely time to take in the wonders of nature during your travel journey, being in your RV for extended periods of time will mean that you will also want to be very aware of the air that you are breathing in.

What the weather may be at home could be quite different from where your RV ends up during a vacation trip, and this will make you want to consider using a cool mist humidifier in your RV. Having an overload of moisture in your RV is a bad idea; similar to your home that isn’t on wheels, there are benefits to having a reasonable amount of moisture in your RV.

We are about to give you a broader picture of what using that cool mist humidifier in your RV should look like for the best results.

Prevents Problems with a Humidifier in an RV

RV owners running a mist humidifier inside their recreational vehicle should be aware of the potential for mildew and mold growing in hidden structure parts inside their vehicle if they create too much moisture. When the temperature drops and humidity becomes scarce, you will need a humidifier to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of moisture in your RV.

Also, if the temperature outside dips below freezing, the humidity inside your RV may generate condensation and freeze on your glass windows.

In order to solve that issue, you need to open the windows a bit to cut down the moisture levels and also to prevent your RV windows from freezing up. Keep food, books, food products, and small items away from walls because they could become frozen to them.

Proper Humidity be in RV

To find the right humidity amount for your RV, invest in a humidistat tool that measures moisture levels in your RV to remain aware of when it has gotten too high. When you start using your humidistat, you can then adjust the levels of humidity to reach the right moisture level, which is usually around 40%.

The only key issue you should be considering when looking at a is to make sure you get one that will fit the size of your RV. A model too small may not do the trick and only help one section of your vehicle.

Humidifier Use in an RV

RVs have numerous nooks and crannies that can, unfortunately, where mold and mildew can develop. This means that you don’t want to get stuck finding out that you have too much moisture inside your recreational vehicle once it is already too late to do anything about it. Take the time to determine what the right mixture of air circulation is while factoring in outside temperatures along with the use of your humidifier.

Remember, too much moisture can lead to health issues, while not having enough moisture can bring about damage to your RV. You don’t want to ruin this vacation that you spent months planning for by having to leave your RV with a mechanic in a new town that you are barely familiar with.

Dealing with exposure to low humidity levels can damage the furniture in your trailer vehicle, along with the wooden items and caulking, any wood products inside, and even the furniture in your trailer or vehicle.

Make a concerted effort not to jump drastically from one moisture extreme to avoid problems. It is important to find a happy balance for all the people and the contents that you are traveling within your RV.

In Closing

In order to consider what the best cool mist humidifier is for an RV or trailer, you are going to want to use a unit that will be able to accommodate the size of space that your RV has. You have to make sure that your cool mist humidifier is rated close to the space capacity of your recreational vehicle to avoid having the humidifier from kicking out too much moisture.

On the other hand, choosing a cool mist humidifier that is too small for your RV will only be able to humidify the air in small areas and will require buying several units. Getting one that is too small is only good if you plan on buying more than one. Pay attention to the type of interior design that is in your RV because if it has lots of walls and doors, then small humidifier units might be your only option. When you are spending time in an ultra dry environment, you will want to have a cool mist humidifier to improve the experience for you and your loved ones that you are traveling with.

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