Vacations at Igatpuri: Know More About Booking Your Accommodation

When looking for a weekend getaway near Nashik, Igatpuri is undoubtedly a great choice. Dense forests, gurgling waterfalls, blooming flowers, and lush green hills – Igatpuri is a tourist’s delight! But have you booked your accommodation here in advance? Also, where do you plan to stay? Read on to know more!

Why should you book an accommodation in advance?

If traveling to Igatpuri has been on your mind for quite some time, booking a villa in advance would be a good idea for the following reasons.

You’ll get the best deals

Igatpuri gets the maximum number of tourists from March to June and December to February because the weather is at its finest then. So, you will not get too many good offers or deals during this time. The best deals are available at least one or two months prior to this peak tourist season.

You can save money

As the peak tourist season approaches, the prices of accommodations tend to increase a little. So, if you want early bird discounts and save some money, book in advance.

Get the accommodation you want

There are quite a few beautiful villas in Igatpuri. But as mentioned before, the demand is high during the monsoons and winters. Therefore, if you want to check out a few options and choose the best one as per your preferences, advanced booking is the way to go.

Say goodbye to last minute hassles

When you book in advance, you get the chance to check out the facilities, know about the amenities, and make an informed decision. From higher prices to fewer options, booking at the last minute is full of hassles.

Where to stay in Igatpuri?

Now, one thing is clear that you need to book your accommodation in advance. But where would you stay in Igatpuri? Being a popular hill station in Nashik, Igatpuri has quite a few hotels that you can check out. But being a popular destination also means that these hotels are chock-full of tourists in the monsoons and winters. Certainly not a good choice for a quiet and peaceful vacation in the hills!

However, you have an amazing alternative to that now – luxury villas! StayVista offers a host of spacious and comfy villas in Igatpuri that lets you enjoy your vacation on your own terms. You will no longer have to sacrifice your privacy or deal with distractions from other guests at the hotel during your vacation.

There is a reason why more and more tourists have been opting for villas instead of hotels lately. Even beyond the space and the comfort, the amenities are top-notch at these places. From delicious meals to clean pools, and from indoor games arena to barbecue set-ups, there are several additional benefits. And you’ll not have to share these benefits with anyone else other than your friends and family.

So, have you been thinking of a long weekend trip for quite some time? Igatpuri is the place and luxury villas are your choice of accommodation. Book your stay right away!

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