Varieties that Rummy Games Have to Offer

Real money games are capturing the attention of many people all across the world for the right reasons. Real money games are a great way to do side-earning while having fun. Online rummy has become more popular than ever before for a broad spectrum of reasons.

There are many reasons why online rummy is gaining more momentum now, with convenience, game variations, and fair play. And the best part is that you also get bonuses and cash rewards of all kinds like welcome bonuses, happy hours, and many other surprises in store.

Best way to play rummy

The online method of playing rummy games is not dull as usual. The simplest method to how to play rummy is through various tournaments. These tournaments are temptations for beginners as well as experts. The tournaments are slightly different from cash games. You can play the tournaments on several websites.

Types of tournaments

You might wonder what kind of tournaments are there in rummy games. Well, you need not wonder anymore as here they are. These tournaments run all the time – whether day or night, giving you the access you want.

These free tournaments are free and categorized into two types, namely daily free tournaments and Saturday bumper tournaments.

Daily free tournaments: The name might have hinted at what it is. These are run every day with as low an entry fee as INR 0 to 1, offering real cash prizes.

Saturday bumper tournaments: This tournament is especially for weekends and has maximum participation of players.

  • Cash tournaments 

These tournaments have real cash and real cash rewards with varying entry fees. These are run at regular intervals. To participate in these tournaments, the player has to have an account. These tournaments are further divided into two parts, namely:

1-winner/2-winner/all-winner tournament – It has a fixed prize pool taken by the winner only.

Multi-table tournaments: The prize pool varies on the type and number of players who have joined.

  • Monthly tournaments 

One of the most liked tournaments of rummy is monthly tournaments with a prize pool running into lakhs. The tournament runs for an entire month in three stages: daily satellite tournament, weekly satellite tournament, and monthly satellite tournament.

  • Club tournaments

These tournaments are for different club members and are exclusive. Examples are loyalty club tournaments and scratch & win tournaments. The player must be a part of some club to play.

Indian rummy is one of the variations of the original rummy game and is widely loved by people of all ages. It is often the highlight of house parties and others. The game’s basic rummy rules are enough to get insights into the game.

Indian rummy can be a bit confusing not because of the difficulty level but because of the terminology used in the game. But once you are aware of the terminologies, you can have an easy understanding of the game. The best rummy games can be thoroughly enjoyed at Rummy app.

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