Various Lawn Mower Types in Kenya

A lawnmower is a grass cutting machine that uses one or several rotating blades. Lawnmowers are virtual machines for lawn care and yard maintenance. Mowers cut grass to a uniform height depending on the operator’s choice.


You might need to keep a manicured and neat lawn or want your yard to maintain a certain height, but there are some helpful factors you will want to take into account before buying one. Research on different lawnmowers and know which types are best suited to your budget, your specifications, and your yard generally.

There are ride-on, walk-on, wheel-drive, and power types of lawnmowers available. Learn from the inclusive list of different lawn mowers below to help you make the right decision when making a purchase.

Wheel-drive Types

The performance of your mower can significantly be affected by its drive, depending on the terrain of your yard. Lawnmowers can be all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive, each with its cons and pros.

  • Rear-wheel Drive Mowers

These mowers drive by their back wheels’ movement. They are good on unsteady or rough terrain and perfectly operate in open and wide spaces due to their flexibility difficulties; therefore, they are unsuitable for awkwardly shaped and small gardens.

  • Front-wheel Drive Mowers

These are mowers propelled by their front wheels, which pull them with their rotating motion. They are easy to operate and are flexible around obstacles and irregularly shaped terrain. These types of mowers also perform well on flat surfaces since they do not work perfectly on inclines.

  • All-wheel Drive Mowers

These are mowers that are moving on all four wheels connected to the power source. The wheels move uniformly and are equally propelling the mower. These mowers are more powerful and have an excellent performance speed than other drive mowers, though they lack the flexibility of front-wheel drive mowers.

Walk-on Types

This group of mowers includes different lawn mowers that the operator walks behind. They are generally suitable for smaller yards or lawns, a distance comfortably covered by the user. These mowers provide incredible versatility and variety. A walk-on lawn mower price in Kenya widely varies depending on the quality, the number of blades, and the type of grass they can cut. Below are some examples of walk mowers:

  • Cylinder or Reel Mower

These mowers have cylindrical blades that rotate vertically at the mower’s front. They have fixed blades against which the turning cylindrical blades slice grass. They are suitable on flat terrain and also for cutting soft and short grass. They don’t cut long grass well.

  • Rotary Mower

These are the common types of walk mower you can easily find. They feature a single blade that cuts grass by rotating horizontally at high speed. Rotary mowers perform well on medium to long grass. They provide a less accurate cut compared to a cylinder mower.

Ride-on Types

These mowers are perfect to use on a large lawn. You can ride on them, which makes the mowing task easier and enjoyable experience. These mowers are better than walk mowers but are more expensive. They come in different kinds, such as lawn tractors, rear-engine, and zero-turn mowers. The general ride-on lawn mower price in Kenya is relatively high compared to other types of mowers.

Power Types

The source of power that is right to use on your lawnmower depends on your strength, preference, and lawn size. These mowers can include gas, electricity, manual, and battery-powered mowers. They are efficient and make work easier, though they are a little bit expensive than walk mowers.


Before you purchase a mower, it is important to consider your budget, lawn condition, speed, mower type, grass type, terrain, and size of your lawn. Different lawnmowers are available in the Kenyan market, and each is performing differently on various lawn conditions and terrain. For more information, visit

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