Video Conferencing With Your Lawyer: Here Are 5 Things You Should Know


You may need urgent legal assistance at times. You might have to contact your lawyer at that time, but you cannot do so due to issues such as the lockdown or other reasons. Then you can have a video conference with your lawyer.

If your lawyer does not provide online support, it’s clear that you’ll need to find another lawyer. Since it is the need of the hour in this pandemic, The Barnes Firm commercial lawyers provide legal advice to their clients online. Before video conferencing with your attorney, keep the following five things in mind.

5 Things to Know Before Video Conferencing With Your Lawyer

When you are video calling your lawyer, it’s crucial that you keep the following things in mind. These things play a crucial role in winning your case.

1) Benefits of Consulting Lawyers On Video Conference

First of all, let’s know what you can expect when video conferencing with your lawyer. One of the major benefits of consulting your lawyer on a video call is you can get quick legal assistance at the comfort of your home. You don’t need to visit the lawyer’s office for an initial consultation of your case.

Second, you can get legal advice at a reasonable rate. Moreover, you will also get basic legal assistance for free. Ensure that you use a reputable video conferencing app with good video and voice quality during the call. Another essential thing to consider is choosing the right lawyer, whether you need a personal injury lawyer or a divorce lawyer.

2) Don’t Just Call Your Lawyer If You Have Only A Question

Although it’s convenient to get legal advice on a video call. That doesn’t mean you should call your lawyer if you have only a legal question. For that, you can use online resources to clear your doubt.

Usually, lawyers are very busy handling different cases of their clients. Even though you are also a client, you shouldn’t call them for just a legal question. They will answer your questions if there is a legal problem.

3) Describe Your Case But Don’t Provide Too Much Information

Sometimes we become emotional if the legal case is very personal. Although you have to describe your case to your lawyer, ensure that you don’t provide too much information. Don’t tell every detail of what happened to your lawyer.

When you describe everything, the lawyer may not be able to prepare a solid legal claim. So, you should research the elements of your case that are important to share with your lawyer, which may be valid for a legal claim or lawsuit.

4) Answer Specific Questions That Your Lawyers Asks

When you call an attorney, they will ask you some questions related to your case. So, you should answer them so that they can find the elements for legal proceedings in your case. With those details, the lawyer can determine whether your case is viable.

However, don’t miss the critical information that is relevant to the case. But you shouldn’t always explain everything before the attorney asks you specific questions.

5) The Lawyer May Not Take Your Case

Finally, you need to consider other lawyers because your lawyer may not take your case due to high caseloads. However, you can ask for referrals to other attorneys who practice the same type of law.

Once the lawyer decides to take up your case, you can share other details. So, you need to wait for your lawyer to respond that he/she is available to handle your case.

Final Words

If you take care of these five things when video conferencing with your lawyer, you can increase the chances of winning your case. When you are in a difficult situation and need immediate legal assistance, video conferencing is a better solution. If your current lawyer is not providing legal assistance online, you may need to hire another attorney who is willing to help you with all the possible ways.

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