Virtual Staging as an Integral Part of Interior Development

Interior design is one of the most popular services today. An increasing number of people turn to companies for an exclusive and original interior of an apartment, house, shop, or office. But progress in this area has stepped quite far. Nowadays, you can have a virtual tour and see how interior will look like once it is finished.

The Basics

A virtual 3D tour is a unique way of demonstrating an object, which helps to best imagine and feel all the subtleties of the design decisions of your premises. Virtual 3D tours provide the widest opportunity to present the home decoration option in an original and effective way, to create an acceptable and exclusive design option for absolutely any layout. In this way, you can make any room as comfortable and multifunctional as possible.

Thanks to 3D design solutions, you can get a three-dimensional image or panorama, which will help you imagine the future interior. In this option, you can depict almost everything, down to the smallest details – be it textiles, floor and wall coverings, or even the smallest details of furniture.

Advantages of 3D Panoramas & Virtual Tours

Virtual staging software is widely used in the interior design industry, and there are many reasons for the popularity of such solutions. Here are some of them:

  • The effect of presence and informativeness – By taking a virtual 3D tour, you can independently explore the advertised premises, get the most complete preliminary idea of ​​​​how the interior will look like, convey the atmosphere and demonstrate all its capabilities as objectively as possible. You get a unique tool that allows you to see the space as it really is;
  • Saving time and financial resources – Potential customers can view the interiors from a convenient location, without wasting their time going to the object of interest and inspecting it. For a preliminary check, a virtual tour real estate is enough;
  • High accessibility – To take a virtual tour, you do not need to install any additional software. All modern browsers can easily play panoramas. Virtual tours are created not only in flash format but also in HTML5. Now, you can watch 3D panoramas on most mobile devices or any other gadgets that you may have at hand;
  • Attractiveness and originality – Virtual tours are a modern and informative way of effective advertising; they provoke customers to make a choice faster. Virtual tours are the most visual means of visualization today.

A virtual tour is a unique method of presenting an object that gives the viewer a complete sense of presence. Virtual 3D tours and panoramas make it possible to effectively imagine any room.

Universal Instrument for All

The use of virtual panoramas is not limited to just one area of ​​activity. You can today find virtual tours of cities, exhibitions, interiors of industrial premises, offices, hotels, rental apartments and cottages, bars, spa beauty salons, holiday homes, and other places of recreation and entertainment. Virtual tours and spherical panoramas turn out to be very useful in many areas where the visual presentation of the advertised interior is important. 

Placing a virtual 3D tour on your site has a positive effect on the image of the enterprise and can significantly increase the interest of new customers in your services. At the same time, virtual staging solutions are extremely useful for customers as the latter can easily find answers to their questions once they watch 3D renders of the target premises.

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