Ways To Get More from Your TV and Boost Entertainment

TV or Smart TV, this guide will help you make the most of these and enhance your entertainment.

Smart TV, in itself, has capabilities to fulfill all your needs. However, there are ways to level up the game.

Additionally, if you have a regular TV, you can utilize streaming services like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and install apps and add-ons to turn your regular TV into a smart one. To turn your regular TV into a smart one, check out the Cordcutters list of the 93 best Fire TV Stick apps.

Scroll down to find how to get more from your TV and boost entertainment. TV here means both: Smart TVs and TV using streaming media devices.

Make your TV perfect for Video streaming

Whether you are sitting to watch your favorite movie or the football match that you have been waiting for days to watch, one thing is critical: the picture quality.

Yes, most TVs have advanced options to turn up the color. By default, they are configured to deliver an acceptable. But the best can only be achieved by some advanced tweaking.

Here’s what you have to do to optimize your TV for best picture quality:

●       Movie Mode

Also listed as Cinema or Calibrated mode on some TVs, Movie mode is the first step you can take to level up your picture quality. By default, the contrast is usually set to medium. And just changing it to Movie mode will deliver the actual colors.

●       Opt for Warm Colors

You will usually find the colors option in White Balance options. However, sometimes it could be under Color Temperature.

Whichever it may be, set the color settings as Warm. Then, as you select the function, the default blue color will change into a sluggish orange, allowing you to enjoy more bright colors.

●       Rule out Power-Saving Features

Just like the Battery mode on your laptops and smartphones, TVs include a power-saving mode. Simply turn off the Power-Saving mode to enjoy the best colors, qualities, and performance.

●       Turn off Action Smoothing

Action smoothing allows smoother screen performance but delivers unnatural effects. Turning it off will go a long way. It’s usually suitable when playing games. So, turn it back on if you want to play games instead of watching TV shows or movies. But until you are streaming, it’s better to turn it off.

Bring in speakers and optimize the sound quality for crystal clear noises

Chances are your TV already has enough sound quality. But it never hurts to add in one of the audio systems available in the market.

Today, there are streaming soundbars, stereo loudspeakers, and Dolby Atmos systems — and all these are designed to deliver you the best sound quality and enjoy streaming as it should be.

If you already have an audio system. Ensure to evaluate the gears before you consider purchasing a new one.

Most of the time, it is not the audio system that produces insufficient sound quality. Instead, it is the settings you set. Simply follow an online guide and know how to optimize your sound system to deliver the best output.

And in case you are one of the music types. It’s better to invest in a digital-to-analog converter and receive accurate, spacious, and immediate sound.

Add the perfect streaming channels

No, you do not have to invest hundred dollars a month to have the best streaming channels on your TV. Instead, you can use apps like Kodi and plugins to unlock a plethora of content for free.

And while we do not recommend using addons that give you access to copyrighted material, apps like Kodi can seriously level up your streaming options and give you tons of content to binge watch for free.

Add social networking platform

Think the idea is outright funny? Well, try it for yourself.

You will enjoy social media room scrolling on the TV more than you do on computers or mobile screens. However, don’t forget that the contents are much bigger and allow you to receive an immersive experience compared to the small screens of mobile platforms.

Add the right web browsers

Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox do not do well on the TVs. So it’s better to choose a web browser that is made for TVs.

One such browser is TV Bro. TV Bro is an exceptional web browser that is designed for TVs. And it comes with a download manager that allows you to download and manage the contents easily on your TV.

Install the right tools for creating a perfect gaming experience

When it comes to gaming on the TV, most people think that a joystick is all they want. But that is not the case, it takes more than that.

And if you are one of the enthusiasts that like gaming, you will have to know the trick of the trades to play games like on the play stations.

●      Turn on Game Mode

Before turning from streaming to gaming, ensure to turn the Game Mode. You will see the advantages once you decide to play games after switching ON the Game Mode.

●      Configure the Input Settings

Configure settings like the color to HDR games. Regardless of whether you want to play HDR games or not, turning it will give you better picture quality and allow for the best performance.

●      Custom resolution for best picture size

Games differ and the requirements for playing the games on the right screen differ too. So, ensure to choose the best resolution depending on the game.


There you go! Those are some of the tricks of the trade to level up your TV’s performance and get the most regardless of whether you want to stream, play games, listen to music, or search.

It will take time for you to perform these tasks and create a suitable environment. But don’t forget that it is a one-time thing. Once adjusted, you can leave them be (or change according to the occasion), and enjoy the best of your TV.

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