Ways to interest a girl in correspondence

Today, many people create families thanks to online dating. However, how can a shy man interest a lady, if he doesn’t know how to conduct a proper dialogue? There are several secrets here.

Online communication is easier than in person. This allows you to type at least 10 times, change it, or delete something. It is impossible to do this offline: you cannot take the words back. Consequently, it is easier to interest a girl through correspondence than in real life.

First meeting

It is better to take the initiative into your own hands. You can get a femme interested from the first letter. The first recommendation is to give a compliment when meeting. Only it should not be vulgar or far from the truth. You may note her appearance, but the phrase should not be ambiguous.

When you first meet her, you can compliment her eyes, figure, clothes, and hairstyle. Such nice words are especially loved by beautiful Slavic women. It’s easier for a woman to communicate with a man who shows interest in her. Just don’t be too obtrusive. Ladies try to get rid of such representatives of the stronger sex. In the first message, you should ask a question that implies a long answer.

How to arouse interest in yourself

Think about what kind of question a girl would be interested in answering. Write less about topics she avoids. The easiest way is to ask directly about her interests and then develop the topic.

In this recommendation, erudition and requests in the Internet search come in handy. At the same time, there is no need to brag about wealth, intelligence, or humor when meeting. It is best to show your knowledge and ability to keep the conversation going. Do not be overly verbose, write briefly, but with beautiful words. Gradually, you can understand what topics are more interesting for the lady to talk about. The main trump card may be an exclusive question that she was not asked by other men. If you want to get acquainted with a foreign girl, you should remember that Ukrainian wives are the most faithful and beautiful.

What is forbidden in communication?

To avoid making a negative impression when first communicating, you must choose your words carefully. Avoid:

  • indecent allusions;
  • phrases according to the template;
  • stories about past relationships;
  • aggression and anger;
  • complaints;
  • gossip;
  • offense.

Communication on intimate topics during a new acquaintance without the initiative of Ukrainian women is unacceptable. Even if the girl initiates it, you should be extremely careful. Otherwise, she will consider you a frivolous gentleman.

Hackneyed phrases and clichés are another minus in the new acquaintance. Such phrases demonstrate a lack of interest and instantly repel. And if you also add aggression, you can even say goodbye to the opportunity to interest the lady. With a hot Slavic woman there should be intrigue and surprise in communication.

Discussions of past relationships let a girl know that the man is still not cold to the woman he broke up with. No girl wants to listen to a man’s whining, especially when it comes to a new acquaintance.

Gossiping and expressing resentment indicates a bad character. Communication will be tense, and relationships will go in the wrong direction.

Communication tricks

You don’t have to put a lot of emphasis on developing a conversation. If all goes well, you can disappear for a short period, so as not to create the image of a desperate and fixated man.

Symmetrical response interval helps a lot. Seeing that the girl is in no hurry to write, you also need to start answering longer. There is no need to read every message instantly. In this case, there is a psychological trick: excessive interest or complete lack of it can ruin the relationship. If you’re looking for Ukrainian girls for marriage, this is a great way to start a family.

You should try to surprise the girl with something and make her remember your originality. It may be an unusual sport, an unconventional outlook on life.

To attract the attention of a lady through correspondence, you should ask about her hobbies. But don’t imitate interest.

First meeting

Do not hesitate to offer to meet, because the competition is very high. However, you should not do this during the first communication. Initially, you need to make sure that there is interest on her part. You should ask a few leading questions. If the girl refuses under various pretexts, then you should not rush, just continue the conversation. Slavic models have a particularly complex character.

If the girl is interested or she hints at a meeting, then it is worth arranging a date. You need to come to the agreed place earlier so that the girl does not have to wait. At the first meeting, you can take a walk in the park or go for a coffee. In order not to seem like a frivolous man, the first date should not last until morning.


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