What actions by a nursing facility might result in a civil lawsuit in Atlanta?

Several mishaps might put a nursing home or other care facility on the hook for injuries or preventable health issues, either due to an employee’s actions or a policy or practice at the institution. An injury attorney, Atlanta, GA, can be of much help to your loved one if they are a victim of a mishap at a nursing home. Listed below are a few examples to help you determine when you can sue a nursing home.

Failure to maintain a suitably safe and hazard-free environment: Here are dangers that the facility and its staff are aware of and those they should be mindful of through reasonable diligence. Here this involves anything from minimizing slip-and-fall incidents to preventing physical violence amongst residents.

Hiring irresponsibly

If a wrong candidate is hired, a patient is neglected, abused, or otherwise willfully harmed. Failure to adequately train and manage staff might potentially be a factor that could lead to a civil lawsuit.

Supervision is not up to the mark. 

When a care provider fails to satisfy a legal responsibility to provide proper supervision to persons under their charge in a given setting, and some form of predictable injury occurs, negligent supervision is a fault or liability theory that can be used. In a nursing home, negligent supervision can apply to an orderly who, instead of keeping an eye on a resident who needs aid walking, decides to converse with a coworker in another section of the facility. 

Inadequate medical treatment

Under the circumstances, failure to give proper medical treatment by the medical standard of care is punishable. When a resident suffers injury due to substandard medical care, the nursing home facility and a medical practitioner who treated the resident may be held liable for medical malpractice.

Neglecting a patient’s needs

In many nursing homes, older adults especially are neglected. Even after calling a nurse to help them with their bedpan or change them, the nurses seem to pay no heed. Here this can result in various safety and medical problems, such as bed sores or skin infection. If these illnesses are caused due to the neglect of a doctor or the nursing faculty, the patient has every right to sue the nursing home and its nurses.


When a care facility resident is wounded, it’s not always clear what went wrong or who could be held legally liable. The evidence supplied is frequently insufficient and may be biased in favor of the defendant (the nursing home). In situations like these, speaking with an expert may be the best first step.

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