What Are Skirting Boards? Know 4 Reasons Why to Use Them

Just bought a new house? Renewed your old walls and floors? Do you wanna know the secret of giving a perfect finish to the edges of your walls? If so, we recommend you to buy Skirting Boards for them and serve several important purposes like room decor or hiding uneven/rugged floors.

What are Skirting Boards?

Skirting Boards, at times also known as baseboards, are around us for many years fulfilling a lot of typical purposes which oftentimes seem hectic to take into account via other fixations.

Put into simplest words, Skirting Boards are a basic plank of wood, that may or may not feature intricate mouldings, when nailed, glued, or screwed into the old walls, can serve for decorative purposes  Apart from its decorative functions, the baseboards also cater to other needs of a household, for instance, another important purpose of Skirting Boards is to protect the walls from regular homely wearing and tearing from furniture or accidental knocks or soiling from the mop/hoovers. They can also be used cleverly to hide uneven or rugged floors and simply retain the beauty of their houses.

Thus, it is recommended to you all to ponder on Skirting Boards in case you are taking on a wood-based flooring option for your new/renovated/redesigned house. Here in this article, we have listed a few pointers mentioning the importance of Skirting Boards when it comes to flooring.

Why Use Skirting Boards? 4 Reasons Listed:

As per the common folk notions, Skirting Boards were considered to originally serve the purpose of hiding, for instance, a join or gap between the wall and the flooring, but this is no more the case as it once used to be.

  1. Skirting Boards can protect regular mopping, vacuums, general household traffic and at times from children’s toys which get pushed into the lower part of the walls. This is one of the significant benefits that they serve and thus are still in use to date.
  2. Seconding to the other hand, if your home/office features timber flooring, then Skirting Boards can perfectly hide the gap between the wall and the floorboard. These gaps are necessarily left to allow proper expansion and contraction of the floorboards as per the change in humidity and temperature, and Skirting Boards can help serve both purposes without any harm.
  3. Moreover, while the Skirting Boards serve more practical purposes, they additionally give an architectural touch to your home decor and furnishing and an effortless flow between all the rooms of your house. Thus plan well and give a shining finish, a well-thought frame to your room or maybe paint it accordingly with certain colours to throw an ornate profile with proper contrast and texture, you must second on buying Skirting Boards for you.
  4. Now when it comes to bearing huge expenses while renovating your house, Skirting Boards can help a lot to lessen the burden from your soldiers. Skirting Boards, relatively cause a small expense during renovation or even to a new build but you must mind that they are of high impact when it comes to increasing the value of a home for returns and investment purposes.

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