What Are The Main Benefits of NCERT Solutions in Class 8?

The market is flooded with hundreds of reference books and online platforms that help students prepare for their examinations. Parents wish to provide all possible help to their child so that they excel in studies. To do this, they unintentionally overload their child with all kinds of books and reference material available. Instead of helping the child, they further confuse him as he doesn’t know where to begin studying. The first step is to decide on which book to buy or which site to refer to. Although students refer to various platforms, NCERT book is a must for everyone. The syllabus prescribed by NCERT has to be strictly followed by the students. NCERT solutions for class 8 maths are a great help to students.


Why do the students need NCERT solutions?


· CBSE prescribes books by NCERT in all its affiliated schools. NCERT solutions are completely following the syllabus prescribed by the NCERT. There may be some problems in the NCERT book that a student finds difficult. NCERT solutions provide all these answers.

· The topics covered in most of the reference books are exhaustive, keeping in mind various competitive exams as well as school children. NCERT solutions specifically have the chapter-wise solution as per the NCERT book. This prevents unnecessary wastage of time in searching for similar questions. Students can simply refer to the concerned chapter and see the solution. Hints and stepwise explanations are also given.


· Time is very precious in a student’s life. Complex questions are broken down into simpler form so that the student can understand them easily and retain them for a longer time. NCERT solutions build the habit of self-learning in students.


· Sometimes, students are not able to solve a question even though they know the concept. This happens because they may not be able to understand the question. NCERT solutions explain in a very simple language which makes learning fun for the student.


· Maths is a subject that requires daily practice. NCERT solutions have ample questions to practice and different methods of solving the same question. The student can go for the one he finds easy.


· Students get a variety of questions to practice that enhances their problem-solving skills and subject expertise.


· Besides providing the solutions of all NCERT questions, the students also get access to additional study material, sample papers, worksheets, notes, etc. That helps them to ace the examination.


· Concepts are explained with the help of related graphs and other illustrations for the benefit of the students.

· NCERT solutions can be used as a tool for self-analysis by the students. By attempting different questions chapter-wise, they get an idea of where they are lacking. They can accordingly give more time to that chapter.


· The formulae used in the chapter are provided separately for ready reference. Students can refer to all important formulae at a glance and use their time judiciously. 


Many NCERT solutions are invaluable for students. Make sure that the one you choose provides accurate solutions and follows a systematic approach for better understanding. 


Cuemath provides error-free solutions. The concepts have been explained in a very simple language that is easy to understand by the students. Apart from giving in-depth knowledge of all mathematical concepts, it builds reasoning and logical thinking in the students. A comprehensive explanation is provided on every topic so that the student does not need a tutor to explain the concept.


NCERT solutions not only prepare the students for the upcoming examination but clear their concepts in such a manner that they are well equipped to appear for any competitive examination in the future. They are designed by experts who have a mastery of the subject. 


For those of you who are appearing for the Class 8 Maths examination, the NCERT solutions are very helpful in understanding the concepts, thereby improving your scores manifold.

So, refer to these solutions and make learning Maths easy and enjoyable.

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