What are the most popular colors for vinyl windows?

If you want to boost the curb appeal of your house or make a statement, then you should discover the style color options available for vinyl windows. When it comes vinyl windows, you have a wide range of colors to choose from. You can choose a color combination which suits the style of your home. 

Carve a statement with vinyl window colors

There are several colors to help you transform the exterior of your house. Window frames give you a chance to add a tinge of personality to your house. Hence, you should check out the range of appealing exterior colors to help you design a signature look for your house. Check out the different color options available for low maintenance vinyl windows.

Black vinyl windows for a bold look

Black vinyl windows are a classic choice. They are often popular for the contrast they create when used on a house with light-color exterior. They hide the appearance of dust and dirt on the external window trim.

White vinyl windows for a clean appearance

While black vinyl windows are popular for houses with light-colored exterior, but if your home has dark siding, then you should choose white vinyl windows for better contrast. While is a neutral color and proves to a popular selection for exterior windows as it can mix with any style home, be it traditional or contemporary. It brings positive vibes and creates an atmosphere which light and fresh. 

White color frames radiate a clean and inviting look for your house and blends beautifully with any type of décor.

Gray vinyl windows for versatility

Gray is a flexible color option for window frames because you have a wide number of shades to select from. Some house owners choose a warm gray shade to bring depth and visual appeal to the house. Others may go for a charcoal gray to team it with the white exterior for a trendy color combination. Gray helps to create a soothing feel for your house.

Brown vinyl windows for warmth

Brown is a popular selection for vinyl window frames. It brings a certain appeal and can be teamed with several complementary shades. Dark tones such as brown can be used as contrast with light colors. It also brings in natural warmth and texture.

Red vinyl windows for a powerful statement

Red isn’t very bold but will definitely help you make a powerful statement on the exterior of your house. Red conveys energy, affection and warmth. It is an eye-catching selection and will definitely make your home an attractor in the colony.

Green vinyl windows for an environmental friendly approach

Well, if you are environmentally conscious, then you should go green. Green is an uncommon but beautiful color selection which was quite popular back in the 90s. It is a warm and cool color and helps to create a balanced look when teamed with mute shades.

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