What are the Myths of Online Casino in India?

India is one of the top emerging markets worldwide when it comes to online gambling. Among its massive population of young people, more and more of them are getting attracted to online gambling as a form of entertainment. The young rising middle class of India is more liberal than its earlier generation and they love to gamble. However, there are some concerning casino myths that make the rounds of the internet often.

In this article, we will look at some of those casino games myth that most Indians believe in. When it comes to India and casinos, the Indian government and its laws themselves aren’t helping the case. Things have always been shrouded in doubt and secrecy when it comes to laws on gambling and casinos. However, there are some wild takes that people believe in which aren’t true in any way. Let us see some casino games myth that people believe in.

Myth 1: Online Casinos are Illegal

This is not exactly true. Well, it has some truth to it. The thing that every player or future player of online casinos in India must understand is that playing in online casinos is not illegal. Yes, playing is not illegal. This casino myth is the most damaging.

However, running and operating an online casino based in India is illegal. The Indian law doesn’t permit the running of any kind of gambling houses online or otherwise. The gambling houses that you have seen in movies in Goa and elsewhere are not meant for everyday Indians until Goa finally changed the law in 1976. Now there are only a handful of places in all of India where you can gamble legally.

Therefore, when it comes to online casinos, Indians can play in them without any worry as long as they choose a casino that is registered overseas.

Myth 2: Need US Dollars to Play in Online Casino

This is another one of the online casino myths that keeps a lot of potential Indian players from enjoying the online casino.

This is not true. You can easily play in online casinos with Indian Rupee. Many casinos provide different ways to deposit balances in your account. For example, your credit/debit card, payment services like Phone Pe, Pay TM, Google Pay, and other services like Net Banking, IMPS, and NEFT.

This allows any player to deposit money in their online casino account, hassle-free without leaving their house within seconds.

You only need USD if you sign up in the casino exclusively catering to the audience in the USA. However, if you are an Indian and want to play Indian games, there are many great online casinos explicitly made for Indian players. There you can easily use the Indian currency that you have and they will happily accept them.

Myth 3: Casino Games Don’t Win Real Money

This is the casino games myth that is the most heavily circulated. Many Indians believe that online casinos are just fraud sites masquerading as an online casino to dupe your money and even if they don’t outright fraud you, they won’t ever let you win.

This is how most of the Indians think and it couldn’t be farther away from the truth. Casino games are real and you can win real money playing them. There are people in India right now, as we speak, making real money in these very online casinos.

The skepticism is understandable though. People are not yet well adept in online transactions and this lack of knowledge translates to a lack of trust.

However, you can absolutely win real money playing in an online casino just like you can absolutely lose real money playing an online casino.

Myth 4: No Indian Games

This is also what keeps many people from trying the online casino even once in India. They believe that the online casinos only have a game that is foreign like Poker and Baccarat which they have never played and cannot relate to. Therefore, signing up for an online casino to play a game that you have no connection to and you don’t even know the rules of defeats the purpose of entertainment.

However, what many people don’t know is that many games are specially Indianized to give them a more Indian feel and make Indian players feel welcome. Additionally, there are games like Teen Patti Live and Andar Bahar Online Game which are the quintessential Indian card games that are played in nearly every household and everyone once has tried it with their friends and families.

Therefore, this notion of not having any Indian games to play in online casinos is very untrue.

These were some of the casino myths that are circulated concerning online casinos and India. Many people believe them and hopefully, we have helped change your mind.

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