What are the slot types available inhlthailand online casino?

Online casinos like hlthailand offer tons of games to please almost all customers. However, slot machine games have a huge fan following as the games are easy to play. Let us look at the types of slots in brief.

Types of slot games

Reel slots – These are the basic slot games that would let you win easily compared to other varieties. The ease of winning is due to the reduction in the number of reels and pay lines. There will only be three reels among which you should choose one character. Also, you should do nothing other than character selection as there will be only one pay line. If the guessed character comes behind that pay line, you will win. However, casinos would not pay high for easy games like reel slots. However, the frequency of winning would be high.

Video slots – The video slot would be an extended version of a reel slot. Here, there will be two more additional reels making the prediction of the character slightly difficult. Also, there will be several pay-lines than the fixed one in those slots. So, you could not expect a particular pattern in the outcomes of video slots as there would be a necessity to choose only one pay line from this set. As you would select one among many, the possibilities of getting the guessed character below that particular pay line would be tedious. So, the frequency of winning in a video slot would be less. However, as you are winning occasionally only, the winning amount would be high in these slots. Also, you should keep in mind that there is only a digital way to play these slots and no physical machines would be used even in a land-based casino.

Progressive slots – These slots are nothing but similar reel or video slots but with a changing winning amount. For instance, let us assume that you and your friend go to play a progressive slot game that has a winning Jackpot of $100 at the moment. You and your friend would have to pay $10 each as your bet. Now, your Jackpot amount would become $106 as a portion of your bets will get added to it. Likewise, the Jackpot will be growing until a player wins it. As the winning amount grows with time, it has got the name of a progressive slot.

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