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What Do You Need For A Professional Social Media Profile?

You might assume that making a social media profile as a professional business owner is just the same as making a social media profile for your personal needs. However, this kind of thinking can be detrimental to your business, and there are some important considerations to take into account when you are creating a professional social media profile. If you get this right, you should be able to improve your sales and find new contacts and clients, and therefore it’s crucial to understand what it takes to have a good business profile. Read on to find out more.

Profile Name

In some cases, such as with Facebook, you can simply use your own name for your professional profile, and this does make sense – you want people to be able to find you, and you don’t want them to be confused when they do. However, on some platforms, this is not as straightforward, and you might have to come up with a username, like on Twitter or Tik Tok. In that case, you’ll have to think carefully about what kind of name to use.

The absolute last thing you want is to put people off and give them a bad impression of you because you have a silly name or even a potentially offensive one. It can often be a good idea to use your company name as your profile name, and if that is not possible, to use your personal name and your company name combined. In this way, there will be no confusion and no offense.


Again, there is a vast difference between the kind of photo you would use for your personal profile and the one you would use for your professional one. It’s true you want people to see you as a real person (which is why it’s often best to use a photo of you rather than your logo, for example, although this can have its place on a business page), but you don’t want to lose the professionalism that your business wants to portray.

Having a professional headshot taken by a Chicago corporate photography expert can be an ideal solution. You can showcase your personality through your outfit and expression, but equally, when the photo is a professional one, you can also show you’re taking your business seriously.


You don’t have to write and use a bio – biographical details written in a short paragraph or even a sentence – when you sign up for a professional social media account, but since the option is there, it’s usually a good idea; it can be a truly squandered opportunity otherwise.

Not only will your bio let people know who you are and what your experience is, as well as your important values, but you can use it to include keywords that will help your profile get noticed more easily. As this can lead to more sales, it’s a crucial part of creating an account, although one that many people don’t think about. If you’re struggling to write your bio, there are plenty of online guides that can point you in the right direction, or you might prefer to hire a freelance writer to do the work for you.

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