What is a Breg Polar Care Cube and Where Can I Buy One?

Breg Polar care cube is a therapeutic device recommended by physicians that allows the use of colds for a temporary reduction of pain. Based on certain well-researched principles for pain relief, the realistic design has analgesic effects proven to ease swelling. It can also provide motorized cold therapy or cryotherapy for inflammation resulting from injury, chronic pains, or surgery.

What else do you need to know about this type of care?

The polar care cube was created to speed up the healing process in different parts of your body. The pads placed on the user’s skin have an insulation barrier between them to prevent injury and direct contact. Its ice-water feature enables the user to enjoy six to eight hours of cold therapy.

That is why people appreciate this item.

Remember that the Breg Polar Care Cube is not only user-friendly, but its mobile design also makes it a superb choice for hospitals and home users, learn more about it. Further, many may state to ensure that you have a prescription from your doctor before you practice this form of therapy. You do not have to have a prescription, but if you have sensitivities or other issues, it would be best to consult with your physician.

Simple Well Laid out Instructions On How To Use the Breg Polar Care Cube

Here are the steps that you must be aware of as you seek to use the Breg Polar Care Cube.

  • The first step is to put the polar care’s handle in an unlock position. Please take off the cooler lid and fill it with water to the lower line.
  • The next thing is to add ice to the indicated line inside the cooler, close it and return the handle to the lock position.
  • Each body part has a specific pad designed for it. So, ensure the pad in use matches the injured site to prevent further damages to your skin.
  • To prevent cold burns, avoid direct contact with your skin. Place an insulating medium between your skin and the pad.

Note: If a clean dressing is applied to the injury but does not cover the skin under the pad completely, the user is advised to attach another insulation medium.

  • On applying the pad, hold it in place with the elastic straps.
  • After this, attach the pad to the cooler by linking the connectors on the pad and cooler hoses. When you hear two clicks, one from the hose of the connector and the hose of the pad, it signifies that the pad has successfully been connected to the cooler.
  • Plug the power supply to the DC jack on top of the lid and the opposite end to an electrical outlet. Make sure to empty the pad between uses. During breaks, you can check your skin by raising the insulation medium and pad at the edge.

That is all that there is to ensure your safety and overall security while you are using this form of therapy.

Where To Purchase One

If you are wondering where to find this pain reliever, worry no more. Remember that your local medical supply place should provide these devices or you can find it online at places like Source Cold Therapy.

These places exist to solve your various medical troubles with their many offerings. Further, remember that places like Source Cold Therapy will have credible reviews, authority, and be in line with organizations like the BBB.

Further Factors To Consider When Using These Devices

Now, you are ready to begin cold treatment.

Remember to follow your doctor’s instructions. Take breaks between one to two hours to examine your skin.

Take note if you experience discomfort or any side effects such as increased pain, stinging or swelling, flaming, scratching, blisters, discoloration welts, and increased redness. Please disconnect the pad and contact your doctor immediately if you notice any of those problems mentioned above.

To disconnect, unplug it from the electrical source. Depress the two small metal tabs on the connector and gently pull them apart. The pad will seal itself automatically, and you might notice some dripping during release.

These are factors to consider as you use the product to ensure your safety and security. It is best to converse with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about using cold therapy.

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