What is a good score in IIFT? Which is easier to crack IIFT or CAT?

The paper format for IIFT 2022 was identical to that of IIFT 2020, including the number of questions and grading method. The VARC part was easy to moderately tough in general. Because the RCs were comparable to those from the previous year, the segment took longer.

In comparison to previous year, the LRDI segment was quite straightforward in terms of LOD. DI was a piece of cake. In comparison to previous year’s QA segment, QA was a lengthy and challenging section. In both GK and VARC, IIFT 2022 had the match-the-following question, as it has in previous years. These were simple to do and should have been done.

Key Points for the IIFT Cut-off in 2022

After taking into account a number of factors, the IIFT cut-off will be announced. The cut-off will also be determined based on any modifications to the IIFT pattern 2022 (if any). Only those applicants who pass the IIFT cut-off will be shortlisted for the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) stages. The IIFT 2022 cut-off will be announced by the NTA in the second week of January 2022. Applicants must check the same on the National Testing Agency’s official website (NTA). MBA IB admissions for the year 2022 will be held on December 5, 2021.

Expert opinions on the 2022 IIFT Cut-off

According to experts, the probable IIFT Cut Off for general category may be predicted based on the previous year’s IIFT entry cut-off:

  • The overall cut-off point is roughly 113 (+/-3) points.
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Part A): This section contained a lot of long and tough problems. A score of 14-16 would be considered good.
  • Section B – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – This was a rather simple section. Vocabulary-based questions were particularly challenging. The option to scan and select questions would have been really beneficial. The predicted cut-off is 32-34 points.
  • The predicted cut-off for Section C- Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning is 20-22 marks, with calculation-intensive DI questions but easy LR sets.
  • Portion D – General Awareness – This section included the standard multiple-choice questions as well as matching the following questions. There were 11 questions on static GK and 9 questions on current events. The cut-off is projected to be in the range of 6-7.5 points.

What is the difference between IIFT and CAT exam?

The IIFT test includes a portion on general awareness, but the CAT exam does not. Both examinations have separate marking procedures as well. In addition, the CAT test has two slots, whereas the IIFT exam has just one slot.

Difficulty by Section CAT and IIFT Levels

Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability: Both examinations have the same level of difficulty in the Verbal Ability part. The subjects, such as parajumbles, odd one out, and so on, are frequently the same. In CAT, the Reading Comprehension (RC) passage contains both inference-based and fact-based sorts of questions. The RC portions in IIFT, on the other hand, are based on facts. This portion of the IIFT is somewhat tough since it focuses more on vocabulary. On the other hand, the VARC component of the CAT ranges from mild to high.

Quantitative Aptitude: The Quantitative Aptitude part of the CAT and IIFT are nearly identical. Both are comparable in certain ways. In both tests, the difficulty level of this portion is low to moderate.

Section on Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: Candidates taking the IIFT must be quick with their calculations because the test is more calculation-intensive. CAT, on the other hand, does not include any problems that need extensive computation. The DILR component of the CAT test is sometimes long, although the IIFT exam is not.

Is the IIFT exam more difficult than the CAT?

Both exams are moderate to challenging, however candidates in the IIFT must answer 110 questions in 120 minutes, whilst candidates in the CAT must answer 76 questions in 120 minutes. As a result, for some applicants, the IIFT may appear to be more difficult than the CAT.

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