What is a Minecraft Prison Server?

A Minecraft prison server is a single player game where the goal is to escape from a prison. The player begins the game with a minecraft world, and is free to explore it, until he/she is caught by guards. The game ends when the prisoner dies.

In this post I want to talk about what we can learn from prisons, and how we can apply that learning to software development (and other aspects of software engineering).

In a way, all software development is about learning how to escape from an enclosure, whether it be in relation to bugs or security issues or code quality. In prison systems (or any other system which acts as a confinement), the first thing you notice is that you are not given complete freedom (even if you are). You are given two choices:

You can either run away; and

You can either behave yourself in order to stay alive.

The second choice forces you into a behavioristic approach which makes you obey rules (which again makes you behave) — but in both cases, you’re not given total freedom over your actions. If you’re not given complete freedom over your actions, then the only way your behavior can ever be controlled is through some form of punishment which forces you into following rules — and here again, there are only two ways the rule-bound person can ever get out of that situation: they have to run away or they have to behave themselves (in order to stay alive).

A third option which might be available at certain points in time would be for the person who starts out in this situation to become aware enough so that he/she finds that it’s possible for him/herself to find another way out of this situation. That’s when he/she starts using his/her own creativity and imagination; such as creating a new way of playing the game called “prisoner-escape”, or creating new game mechanics so that being trapped inside one’s own brain doesn’t have as much impact on his/her behavior as it does on those who didn’t even know they were trapped inside their own minds before!

Why Play a Prison Server?

The best thing about a prison server is the fact that it can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world. For instance, if you’re in a country where it is not illegal to play Minecraft on cell phones, then you are free to play your favorite prison server with your friends.

It can feel like trying to find a way out of a maze; like walking through each and every door of an ever-increasing labyrinth until finally reaching a door labeled “exit”. To some, this may sound like the worst kind of adventure, but the rewards are worth it. With just a little bit of luck and patience, you may just find that door leading out of the maze and into freedom.

One of the most common questions we get asked about our social network is “Why should I connect my Facebook account to my Minecraft account?” The answer that always comes up is “Minecraft is awesome!” We think so too since many people spend countless hours building or finding their own unique creations in our sandbox game.

Popular Prison Servers

A prison server is a dedicated server that you can play on. A lot of people use the term interchangeably with “server”, but they are different. The server itself is not “the” server. It is just one application on a single computer that runs the game client.

A prison server will be the same way. You will be able to play on it, but it won’t be the main focus of your online experience — you won’t actually download and install it onto your computer or anything like that. It is just one thing that happens to run the game client for Minecraft, which means you don’t need to download anything else other than the game itself (and perhaps another application if you want), and you can use any internet browser at all — so there is no need for a separate client for streaming content or anything like that (this varies from server to server, though).

The most popular Minecraft prison servers include:

  • A classic example is JomTrip, which has over 300 servers at any given time through its own website . The site offers a platform where users can host their own servers and connect them together. You simply sign up with an e-mail address and choose your preferred type of Minecraft account (like a regular player or some kind of jailer). There are also premium accounts offering memberships in various levels of security and privileges. The sites have been around since 2013 and have had excellent reviews since then as well as several updates in the past year or so (the most recent update was June 2018).
  • Another popular option is Jailbreak Prison, which offers access to 60+ servers around the world through its own website . These servers run on different versions of Minecraft, including custom worlds created by players themselves; they also offer premium access (in addition to regular accounts) with additional features such as private chat channels, private group chat channels and more. They also offer customization options such as changing skins for weapons and armor (and clothing), changing their color scheme, changing their name, theme and more; adding pre-set sounds; changing graphics settings too!
  • One additional option is called PrisonPlanet Jailbreak , which allows users to host a Minecraft server across multiple devices such as PCs/Macs or even smartphones using this multi-platform software alone , without installing any additional software (such as Java) other than what comes with the app itself ! This


The above is a list of the best prison servers for minecraft. They are all very popular.

They offer something different to their users. Many have a lot of characters, some are very creative and some are very creative in terms of shapes, colors, textures and so on. The best prison server for minecraft gives you someone to talk to, someone who knows what you want from the game.

The most interesting part about the game is that there is no level cap and no set amount of money you can spend on buying things. Everything that you find and buy is “free”: weapons, armor sets and tools. As long as you have enough energy (their currency), which comes from killing creatures, you can buy anything that fits your needs: houses, land plots or whatever else you can think of.  If you want to go further in the game, they will let you do so with a modpack (a collection of mods that allows the player to add new features) or by making your own world (note: this isn’t allowed). You don’t need any special skills or equipment because everything is provided for free or almost free (or at least as close as possible). You simply have to find it yourself (you could also buy them if needed but it isn’t worth it).

The best Minecraft prison server offers players something they don’t get anywhere else: they interact with people based on their interests instead of having a character that only serves as an avatar for them (although this is becoming less true nowadays). In other words: when people look at a character on their screen, they don’t see just an avatar but also someone who has their own personality and goals; someone who wants different things than themselves; someone who will be happy when something better happens than when something worse does; someone who is sad when something bad happens than when nothing bad happens at all; etc… It makes them feel like an actual person instead of just a number on a screen — like in MMOs where characters are more important than players themselves; or in many other games where virtual people compete against one another instead of doing what they like doing most within the game itself.

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