What is Alldebrid and how to install and set it up on Kodi?

Kodi is a pathway to excellent TV channels, TV shows, movies, and unlimited online content.  It’s the best streaming media player to keep your family entertained. You can stream live content, the latest movies, and shows for free at your convenience.  However, slow internet connections, dead links, and poor streaming content are likely to interrupt the fun. The user can opt to cope with the problems or invest in advanced technology. Today online streamers can incorporate high-quality links from websites or host providers. This will enhance the download speed, provide high-quality and unrestricted content. Alldebrid is a unique website or host provider which contains plugins/links and add-ons for your streaming apps. 

The service is doesn’t work as third-party apps. It’s a web which helps user download files/links from hosters.  The Alldebrid service is premium though affordable and applicable with Kodi. This doesn’t limit Kodi from working with Firestick, Fire TV, or Android devices.  It’s an excellent way to get fast streams and productive links without any buffering. The internet also provides other similar website competitors such as real debrid device.

Kodi users can stream favorite content at a fast speed without fear of restrictions. The unique part about Alldebrid is the user can stream unlimited links without using VPN. It’s designed to hide a user’s IP address and data through its host server. 

How to install and set up Alldebrid on Kodi

Linking the Alldebrid account to your Kodi streaming app is easy. However, you require an addon supporting Alldebrid (Yoda) on your Kodi version (Kodi 18 Leia).

  • Open your Firestick device and proceed to the Kodi settings page.
  • On the menu click “system settings> standard button> advance settings > addons.”
  • Next select “manage dependencies> ResolveURL dependency.  
  • You can also download the ResolveURL from the Diamond wizard repo.
  • Click the “configure” button and proceed to the “universal resolvers” button.
  • Now get the Alldebrid option and click the “(Re) Authorize my account” button to continue.
  • Go to your Alldebrid account from your web browser ( ). Enter the pairing codes and select the continue button to complete the process.
  • Exit the page and close the ResolveURL settings option.
  • Note when the codes (pairing codes) expire, you need to repeat the process: configure>universal Resolver>Alldebrid>Re-activate my account option to receive a new code.

Alldebrid functions 

The user can expect the following services from the host provider.

  • More than 70 server host providers.
  • Connects with over 900 streams that offer live TV content.
  • You can request a seven-day free trial.
  • Free Alldebrid version users can download at high speeds during happy hours.
  • The servers don’t allow for more than 50% load to avoid reducing connection speed.
  • The user doesn’t need a VPN but can stream different hosts.
  • The service allows users to play directly from the links.
  • Alldebrid service contains a variety of magnet links and addons.
  • Super download speed.

Signing up on the Alldebrid website ( ) is fast and requires few user details. The website gives a free trial service (seven days). The free trial provides the user a happy hour bonus where the download speed is fast.

Payment plans

  1. One month subscription (30 days) at 9.99 EUR 
  2. Three months (90 days): 8.99 EUR
  3. Six months (180 days): 15.99 EUR.

To pay for the subscriptions, one should use the authorized gateways as follows:

  • Bitcoin
  • Amazon pay 
  • Credit card.

Alldebrid is a legal website and works with legal files to offer the best streaming services. However, some users stream illegal files, thus risking the service. Its recommended you download genuine links for better services. 

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