What Is Guy Grip? How Does It Work?

In this blog article, you will find out all the details on Guy Grip. Learn more about what Guy Grip is and how it works before you try it for yourself!

What is it?

Guy Grip is used for connecting and gripping conductors, ground wires, and fiber optic applications. According to different application requirements, the guy grip includes dead-end cable grips and a dead-end grip. The cable pull handles have helical legs that securely hold cables, conductors, or fiber optic cables with each turn.

How to use it?

The guy grip is used for guying poles in the construction of the power cable. You’ll need to turn the spiral leg to hold it in place. Under normal conditions, the guy grip handle retains its handle regardless of whether the conductor to which it is connected is slack or taut. Lay the direction of both the dead-ends and therefore the strand should be the same.

Why choose Henvcon’s guy grip?

Henvcon’s guy grips are easy to install and you can significantly reduce construction costs. In addition, Henvcon is a reliable cable and wire accessories, supplier and manufacturer, with more than seven years of business experience in the fields of power, telecommunications, railways, etc., provides a large number of products such as Guy Grip, Suspension Clamp, Helical Accessories, which are sold to countries all over the world, is a reliable and good service supplier.


As a leading preformed grip manufacturer, Henvcon knows the preformed grip, market, and your needs. Henvcon accepts any type of customized guy wire dead-end grips. If you want to know more, please contact Henvcon immediately.

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