What is The Benefit of Bluetooth Versus Aux Cords?

The aux vs Bluetooth debate has been going on for a very long time with no end in sight. People who prefer the safety of a tether have always preferred wires and would argue that Bluetooth is nothing but a sham. However, while that may have been true a decade or so ago, things have changed drastically over the past few years. Bluetooth is almost fully mature right now and it is continuing to improve regardless of that maturity. Here are a few key benefits that will explain how Bluetooth is superior to aux now. Keep reading to find out more.

Convenience of Wireless Connectivity

When Bluetooth was introduced, the most obvious thing that happened was the revolution of wireless connection. We know wireless connectivity was nothing new since we already had radar, radio, and other technologies. However, none of them had been used for music in the personalized fashion that Bluetooth did. You could listen to your music collection without having to plug your phone or media device into a speaker via a wire. The data limits were small in the early stages but now you can easily stream HD music streams without any lag in playback.

Sound Quality Significantly Better

Probably the biggest drawback that has always put wired solutions above Bluetooth is the limitation of quality that it could deliver. However, with the recent upgrades in its bandwidth capabilities and data transfer speed, much better audio is being delivered nowadays. You can even find high-quality amplifiers that support Bluetooth connectivity and you can hardly recognize the difference between the two options. This is especially great for people who consider themselves to be audiophiles. Though, they may still support the idea of using a wired connection. Having an option that retains their desired level of audio is certainly great to have.

Standard Protocol for Supporting All Devices

With new devices being launched every day, we are seeing a shift in connectivity protocols for wires a well. Phones are becoming extremely good at processing high-quality audio but there is a trend to opt-out of wired audio completely. Devices are now coming without audio jacks in them and even though there was an initial outcry about this from the mobile community, people are starting to come around. That means you need a protocol that would still perform the same even if the ports change on devices and that is exactly what Bluetooth is doing.

Great for Workouts

Audio systems and sound technicalities aside, with the current level of quality that we are getting from Bluetooth, it has become the champion of one of the biggest use scenarios for music. Yes, we are talking about workouts, something that most people tend to do while listening to their favorite tracks or audiobooks. Having a wire dangling in front of you is simply impractical and not at all as smooth in use as Bluetooth is.

This is a significant consideration for people too, which is why we are seeing technology advancement at a blazing speed for Bluetooth solutions. The current Totally Wireless Stereo (TWS) trend is a fine example of that, which removes the wire completely and leaves you with only a couple of ‘buds’ to stick in your ear.


There is no doubting the fact that we are still years, if not, decades away from a time when Bluetooth will reign supreme. People are still very much interested in wired audio solutions like AUX, and it would take a considerably big leap in sound quality before we can finally say goodbye to our trusty aux cable. However, for the average user, there is no doubt that Bluetooth has already progressed enough to be the only audio channel for them to use every day.

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