What is the Concept Behind Fantasy Cricket?

If you are a cricket fan, you might have already witnessed how virtual cricket has gained popularity worldwide. Fantasy cricket has become an invincible part of the virtual gaming world in India as well.

Cheap mobile data, presence of multiple platforms, advancement of technology, several game makers, and massive access to mobile phones are some of the reasons why fantasy cricket’s gaming market in India is particularly benefiting.

Concept of Fantasy Cricket

The population of this cricket-mad country is blessed with a young crowd who are indulging plenty of time in the game they love. Apart from playing the games, these platforms also help to gain knowledge on their favorite games. The Indian fanbase of cricket loves test matches, IPL, the stars, and the global icons. We all know how cricket is the talk of every small tea shop to high-profile business meetings.

These platforms are a blessing to cricket fans who can now spend plenty of time playing their favorite game, making strategies for the game, etc. They can even exchange ideas with their fellow cricket frenzy opponents. The concept of fantasy cricket is to empower cricket fanatics to create their team virtually and play against opponents.

The best part about fantasy gaming and online sports is that you can play them anywhere and at any time. The fantasy gaming world also witnessed a tremendous surge in usage ever since the pandemic has hit India, and people are forced to stay home.

People have realized that it is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with other people who share the same passion. It is a great way to socialize through virtual platforms as well. Cricket fans can now live the dream of being a cricket team manager as they get to coach, plan, and be the team’s ultimate decision-maker. You can make changes to your team, add or remove cricketers from your team, etc.

Make sure you put in care, passion, analytical skills, knowledge, and reasoning when you choose a player for your cricket team. It would help to let go of past performances and see the cricketer’s current form and only make an informative decision.

This platform has enabled passionate and cricket-mad people from various societal spectrums to compete with each other.

How to play fantasy cricket?

All you need to do is download a suitable application and follow the signup procedures for playing fantasy cricket. First, you have to install the app and then select the match of your preference.

You can create your team with your favorite players. Try to practice as much as you can through free games rather than participating in the league in the very beginning. There are app-based as well as desktop-based platforms.

If you win a contest, you will be able to make some money as well. However, it would help if you kept in mind various rules of cricket fantasy cricket, such as the captain gets 2X points and the vice-captain gets 1.5X points for the runs they get. You should also keep a check on the latest news. For instance, a player might have faced injury and may not be playing.

You have to consider various small things before picking the suitable batsmen and bowlers, such as who won the toss, the pitch, the weather conditions, etc. The allure of fantasy cricket can never be denied. However, some individuals refrain from playing fantasy cricket because they are not sure if these are legal or not. Trust us, these reputed applications are 100% legal, and you are safe to make transactions through them.

Various leagues are going on, and you need to select a match carefully. To know how to play fantasy cricket, do your research and rely on trustworthy websites with proper credentials. It would be advised that you check reviews and ratings as well.

Huge popularity in India

The trends of fantasy sports came later in India when compared to other countries. However, the future looks promising because of the young generation, exciting features, etc.

There are various kinds of advertisements that are also going on to fuel up the sports fever. Cricket enthusiasts are spending more time on these applications because of the pandemic as well. The Indian audience is enjoying these applications.

The best part is that the applications are coming up with various features, such as dashboard, additional user panel, etc., which are making the platforms easy to use.

Why 2021 is going to be a year of fantasy cricket?

Although most of the people are getting vaccinated, still the COVID-19-led panic is there. People are still preferring to stay at home and enjoy their time while staying indoors. The social distancing recommendations by the government should not be ignored.

These games are a great way to stay connected and are fun, and can be accessed anywhere. They guarantee hours of entertainment. In this regard, it should be noted that online gaming in 2020 grew at around 40% in India. To know more about how the game turned the market last year, click on this blog by Forbes.

We think 2021 would be the year for fantasy cricket because the COVID-19 induced lockdown has pushed the industry majorly.

Moreover, other factors such as the Indian Premier League 2021 and ICC World Cup 2021 have kept the cricket-mad people on their toes. So now that you know it all, what are you waiting for? Download an application now and start enjoying it.

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