What should you know about the types of slot games?

Slot machine sites like slot xo contain a variety of slot games as follows,

Online slot game variations to know

Online slot gaming has evolved a lot, and one can find numerous variations in this category. Let us see some of these categorizations in brief.

Basic categorization in slot machine games are using,

  • Number of pay lines and reels present on the slot machine
  • The winning amount of the game
  • The pattern of slot machines

Number of pay lines and reels

Based on the total number of reels and pay lines used in slot machines, one can categorize slot games into two types as below,

Reel slots – When you can find only three reels on the slot machines with up to ten characters on each, they are known as reel slots. It is the traditional way of playing slot games that have become rare in modern days. These slot machines will have only one pay line, and hence, whatever symbols come under this line will be the winning set. All you have to do is to choose the symbol and place your bet. Once you get the symbol under the single pay line, you can win.

Video slots – The gameplay of video slots will be similar to that of the reel slots. However, you will play these slots in the video format even if you are in a physical casino. There will be five reels on these slot machines. Each reel will contain different symbols from which you will choose one. Also, there will be many pay lines to confuse you. It can range from nine pay lines to hundreds of pay lines on a video slot. You should choose any one of these to act as the indicator of the winning combination by paying the respective bet amount. The winning rule remains the same.

Winning amount

Progressive slots – In reel slots and video slots, your winning amount will be fixed, and there will not be any variation. But if you are playing a progressive slot, there will be a constant steep increase in the prize amount until a player wins it. The reason for the increase in the prize amount is the addition of parts of bet amounts from each player playing in that casino. If a player wins in any of the connected slots, he will take the Jackpot.

Pattern of slots

Apart from the gameplay and winning amounts, you can find differences in slot games using the pattern of the setup. A slot machine setup will consist of reels with several characters along with background music and animations. If all these align with each other and represent a similar pattern reminding you of anything popular from the outside world, these slot machines are known as themed slot machines. You can find several varieties in these themed slots based on the nature of the patterns as below,

  • Themes on movies
  • Themes on adventures
  • Themes for horror
  • Comical themes
  • Themes on myths

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