What to Consider While Choosing Accessory Design in UG?

Accessory designing is a promising and fulfilling field, especially for people who are creative and experimental. As an accessory designer, you would be required to apply designing skills and develop a range of objects ranging from everyday wear to high-end luxury accessories. So, if you want to be an accessory designer, make sure you choose the right course and college to develop just the right skills to become successful in this field.

Here are some factors that you must consider while choosing accessory designing in UG:

What are the things to consider while choosing the UG Accessory Design course?

  • Your college: The college you choose significantly influences your career. Hence, when choosing accessory designing as a career, make sure to select a college that helps you nurture your creative juices while also enriches you with the right mix of knowledge, technical skills and out-of-the box thinking abilities. The college you opt to study accessory designing in should give you ample opportunities to develop skills, hone your perception and eventually, develop a design aptitude. 
  • Your future career path: As an accessory designer, you will be designing a variety of wearable and non-wearable accessory objects, such as handbags, shoes, jewellery, belts, scarves and more. In some advance cases, you might even get an opportunity to design home décor objects. The field of accessory designing is extremely wide. So, you must decide which particular path you want to follow. You could choose to be a jewellery designer, bag designer, footwear designer, men accessory designer, etc. This will also determine the accessory designing specialisation you should take up in your UG.

Further, it is important to know the pros and cons of becoming an accessory designer before you make the final decision:

Pros of becoming an accessory designer

  • Accessory designers have a lucrative career opportunity to work with high-end brands and popular designer houses.
  • Accessory designers have the potential to earn higher salary packages.
  • As an accessory designer, you will get several opportunities to travel the world for work related causes. You might also be attending popular fashion events that will give you excellent international exposure.
  • As an accessory designer, you can work as a freelancer and add some more income to your existing paycheque.
  • You can easily start your accessory line or take up independent projects.
  • You can become a brand manager or even a marketer after studying accessory designing in UG.

Cons of becoming an accessory designer

  • You might need to put in extra hours or work over the weekends to achieve aspirational career goals. You will have ample opportunities, but you will need to slog a little harder.
  • You might have to travel a lot in India as well as abroad, which can cause stress or in some rare cases, affect your health temporarily.
  • The job market in the accessory designing field is highly competitive because accessory designers are high in demand. You will need to work hard to stand out among the crowd.
  • The world of accessory designing demands a lot of creativity. This means you will need to put in your 100% and give it your best to do well in this field.

If you want to study accessory design course, make sure to select the right institute such as the Pearl Academy that can help you build on your skills and open up rewarding career opportunities for you.

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