What to Do If You Were Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

“You are diagnosed with Diabetes” might be the most terrifying and the worst sentence of your entire life. It is tough to know that you have developed a disease that you can neither cure nor run away from. Well, thinking about fixing it might be later on your list. Just living with it and developing its habit might be your priority for now. And I am not going to scare you more with it but living with diabetes is no joke. You must keep in mind plenty of things and so many aspects that you must take care of while always maintaining the defined blood sugar level. You are asked to change your entire life and schedule within one report. How is that even fair to ask? It is not, but it is what you must deal with.

Well, it is not just being all depressed and worried about what is next, because to be exactly accurate, what is next is quite a healthy life that you can create for yourself by keeping your diabetes in control. People might take their health for granted, but it is not the same once they are diagnosed with some severe disease like diabetes. People with diabetes are always advised to take proper precautions, follow a workout routine, and have a good diet with all the essential nutrients. This keeps their blood sugar level in control, and till this is in control, there is nothing to worry about when you have diabetes. 

So, if you are one of those who have been recently diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, there is nothing serious to be stressing over. All you need to do is be on the right path. This is why we have made this guide to help people who are recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so if you are one of those, here’s what should be your next steps.

Try to get to know all about it

If you have not already set an appointment with a highly certified diabetes educator, do it now. You would not want to miss anything about your situation and what are the possible measures you can undertake to abridge the seriousness of your state. Within just a single meeting with a certified diabetes educator, you can get to know all the difficulties of being a type 2 diabetic patient. They will teach everything about the workout routines, diet, and its schedules, what you should include in your diet, what you should remove from now onwards, etc. 

Diabetics’ diet varies from any other form of diet. This is because you must consume all the essential nutrients and avoid sugary foods with carbohydrates or simply any food that may lead to increased blood sugar levels.

Choose your carbs

We mentioned that having a diet for diabetes is different from any other diet. Therefore, with diabetes, you must be incredibly careful about the food items. Carbohydrates, sugary food items, and starchy food play a vital role in increasing your blood sugar level. That is why it is advised to avoid or at least limit the consumption of any such food that may lead to your high blood glucose level. 

But you should keep in mind that when we say that you should avoid or limit the consumption of carbs, it does not mean that you should strictly cut all the carbs from your diet. Your body requires all the nutrients in a certain amount. You must reduce the number of carbs you usually consume in your diet. 

Be invariable with your medicines.

Another aspect that you must keep in your mind by any means is that you need to take your medications positively. And 60% of the role is keeping your blood sugar level stable. We understand that it might be tough to be regular about it initially, so in this case, you can set alarms or reminders until it becomes one of your habits. 

Avoid sugary beverages

Sugary drinks impact your blood sugar level directly, so at first, try to limit the consumption of sugary drinks and then replace all of them with no-sugar beverages. You can start like this, if you are drinking three cans of soda per day, start with replacing one of them with water with a pinch of lemon, and then gradually replace them all with non-sugary drinks that suit you. 

Keep an eye on your portion size. 

When people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, they are often advised to lose weight, and maintaining a decent portion size can help them do so. And again, gathering all the related information from their certified diabetes educator. 

By maintaining a smaller portion size, you can reduce the amount of food you consume daily, eventually losing weight while keeping your blood glucose level. 

In this case, people frequently start to skip meals; this is the opposite of what you should be doing. Skipping meals will make you even more hungry, and you may overeat. So, try not to miss any meal and instead maintain your plate’s portion size. 

Workout regularly

As you are advised to take medication and follow a diet routine, you also must move your body to a certain extent. Make sure you are having a regular workout routine and exercising daily. 

If you did not use to have a workout routine earlier, start with walking for some hours daily and then gradually enhance your exercise routine. But be aware that you are not over-exhausting yourself under any pressure since everything takes time.

Try looking for more ways to be active throughout the day. Being diabetic is when the disease starts to affect your body organs, and eventually, one of them might stop working. Therefore, it is essential to take diligent care of them to keep operating correctly. 


So, this was all about what you should be doing once diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Besides all this, keep checking your blood sugar level; this will help you record what kind of food is helping your body better and what you should be switching to. Apart from all this, make sure you rest properly and do not exhaust yourself much. 

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