What to Know About the Fortnite Galaxy Cup

The Galaxy skin from back in 2018 is finally back in Fortnite, and it’s bringing a lot of new goodies in tow!

A popular skin line in Fortnite is making a comeback, and this time, it’s bringing a lot more things to the table. Besides crop tops, short shorts, and possibly the plague feeling the throwback, Epic Games has been cooking up something for the folks who have been playing Fortnite for years. Back in 2018, Epic Games had this huge partnership with Samsung to release a Galaxy-themed skin around the time when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was coming to stores. It was an instant hit to the fans during launch, but many of the players couldn’t get it due to them having to buy the phone first before getting the skin. The price was ultimately too steep for just a cosmetic skin, even if it wasn’t available in the Fortnite Item Shop. Luckily, Epic Games has now revealed that the popular skin line is coming back, along with some other cool stuff along it.

The Galaxy Cup

When the Galaxy skin was announced, it wasn’t exactly available in the Fortnite Item Shop just yet. Epic Games help a competitive tournament, as they always do these days, that lets players unlock the skin early. This has been a common trend in Fortnite lately and different kinds of cups have already been held. This time, the event is called the Galaxy Cup 2.0. PC players will be sad to know that the event was only available for Android players only. During the entire Galaxy Cup, players had to battle it out in the Arsenal LTM and whoever is the victor gets to purchase the skin earlier than everyone else.

The Arsenal LTM mode lets players make their way through an assortment of Fortnite weapons. Albeit they’re lesser weapons, this is due to the shorter matches in the game mode. During the Galaxy Cup 2.0, each elimination gives a player one point, a Victory Royale is worth seven points, and just entering a match will automatically give them one point for their efforts. It’s safe to say that the Galaxy Cup 2.0 isn’t the traditional battle royale event that people are used to, but it’s fine considering that the whole shebang is exclusive to Android players only.

It’s not really much an event where you’d win the skin for free perse, it’s more of having the option to get the skin before its official release and flex it to everyone. It would have been nice for the events to led the winning players to get the skin without having to pay, but at the very least, the developers have confirmed that the Galaxy skin would be available in the Item Shop at a later date. 

More Exclusive Content for Fortnite Down the Road

Now, Fortnite is known as one of the most played multiplayer games in the world at the moment. The battle royale brought Epic Games more success than any of the other games that they’ve released so far, and we all know by now the company is in it to invest in Fortnite in the long run. Over the years, Fortnite has earned a lot of crossovers under its belt thanks to the collaborations that have been made with different celebrities and characters, as well as themes from pop culture. By forming multiple partnerships with other major publishers and studios, Fortnite has transformed into a melting pot–full of all kinds of characters from different franchises and series.

One of the biggest collaborations that were done before the height of the popularity of Fortnite was with the tech company, Samsung. The partnership between the two dates way back and brought some of the most memorable skins and tournaments for players to take part in. With the Galaxy Cup officially making a return, players can expect more of past exclusive skins to make a comeback down the line.

In A Nutshell

It’s nice to see the Galaxy-themed skin back in the game again, and now it’s available for everyone to get in the Fortnite Item Shop. Plus, it comes in the form of a bundle: the Galaxy Grappler Bundle. The bundle will include the Galaxy Grappler skin, Hands of the Galaxy Back Bling, and a Vortextual Wrap to round everything off. Players can expect the price of the skin to be around 1,500 V-Bucks while the bundle will be worth around 2,500 V-Bucks. What do you think of the Galaxy skin being back in Fortnite once again? Let us know down below.

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