What types of bonuses do Indian casinos offer?

Every Indian online casino has its own promotion system. Free spins, gifts for deposits, free bonus features are offered to users. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a casino, you need to study the characteristics and rules for activating prize options.

Free spins: how to get promo codes in casinos in India

Through promotional codes in Indian online casinos, free spins for slot machines are issued. This means that the gambler may not pay for scrolling. If during this round a real win falls out, the user will be able to pick it up for free.

Free spins promo codes can be found in the following places:

  • On the official website of the casino. Here, free spins become part of the invitation package. In the welcome pack, the player is waiting for several hundred spins.
  • In channels in Telegram. Indian casinos advertise their services through this messenger. Promo codes are published both once and on a weekly basis. Some casinos have a 100 FS free draw every Wednesday.
  • In a personal account. Separate promotional codes are individual. The user receives these bonuses for being active. The more often a player enters his personal account, the more free spins he gets.

To activate the promotional code, you need to deposit a certain amount of money. In India, from 100 to 1000 INR is enough for this. Some promotional codes do not involve depositing funds and open automatically.

How to play in India casino for free

Special casino bonuses in India help gamblers play without money. This is what no deposit promotions are called. You do not need to spend your own money to receive a gift.

No deposit type bonuses are usually presented in the form of virtual money. The player will receive not Indian rupees, but points. These points are credited to the bonus wallet. You can find the indicator of this wallet in the top navigation bar both on the official website and in the casino app.

If there is no money on the player’s balance, then the bonus funds can be immediately used for scrolling in slot machines. In another case, you first need to spend your personal money and after that start playing for prize credits.

No deposit bonuses have two limitations:

  • The user is not allowed to bet more than the indicated range. The casino operator may set a limit of 300 INR or less.
  • The visitor is not allowed to win more than the indicated amount. Usually the administration of the institution goes to meet customers. Users will be able to win up to 100,000-500,000 INR from the bonus wallet.

Do not forget that no deposit promotions are free only conditionally. Any bonus must be wagered. This means that in order to withdraw the won funds, you will need to fulfill the conditions of the wager. They are described in the promotion review, and you can also clarify the wagering rules through the live support chat.

How can I get cashback

In the bonus program of every casino in India there is a cashback. This is an option thanks to which you can return part of the money credited to the account balance. There are three ways to get cashback:

  • Standard cashback bonus. Every week on Fridays and Mondays, the administration counts the statistics of the players. A user who is in the red can return from 2% to 30%. The maximum return amount depends on the casino rating, budget and policy.
  • Cashback through bonus points. Each player accumulates a rating. These points can be freely exchanged for real money. The longer the player is in the online club, the higher the exchange rate.
  • Cashback through promo codes. In some casinos, you can get a one-time cashback, which will be active over the next day. To do this, you need to activate a special promotional code. Such coupons can be won in the internal lottery with a wheel of fortune or found in Telegram channels.

The cashback wager in Indian casinos rarely exceeds the x10 position. At the top VIP casinos, customers can get their money back and immediately withdraw the card. You don’t need to wager the bonus.

How casino tournaments are organized

Not all bonuses are presented as promotional codes. Operators organize special competitions for registered customers. These are tournaments in which everyone can compete for several prizes at once.

You can take part in the prize event in advance. As a rule, the tournament is announced a few days before the start of the race. The user will be able to apply for free, study the rules and see the slots that will be active during the event.

Some tournaments only feature games from one manufacturer. In such events, the prize pool can reach 1,000,000 Indian rupees. More often than others, competitions of the basic type are launched, where no more than 5,000,000 INR is at stake.

As rewards, club operators provide:

  • Money. All players who were able to get into the final ten will receive their part. The main part of the amount is taken by the owners of the podium. The winner of the championship takes up to 70% of the jackpot.
  • Bonuses. As an additional reward, a visitor to an online casino may be issued a promotional code for free spins. This is not 10 or 20 scrolls, but 100 or 200 FS.

The coupon is activated without money and can be drawn immediately after receiving.

Material things. The top three also have the opportunity to update their collection of gadgets. As additional rewards, gamblers are offered smartphones with iOS and Android, tablets, laptops.

The winner is the one who scores the maximum number of points. To do this, the player needs to collect as many winning rounds as possible. The size of the bet and the amount of funds won are not of decisive importance. Each participant will have a chance to succeed.

What are the benefits of a loyalty program

In fact, in modern casinos, the set of bonuses is not limited to anything. The visitor is offered a loyalty program. In order to develop in this system, you need to accumulate a rating and move to new levels. The status is displayed in the personal account interface.

Along with new promotional codes, the user receives several more privileges. Firstly, the player will be able to withdraw any amount of money within 10 minutes. Even if it is a million rupees, the gambler will receive the money in a short time.

Secondly, the user gets a personal manager and an invitation to closed promotions. These are special events in which the jackpot goes well beyond the threshold of 1,000,000 INR. A personal assistant will also not be superfluous. The manager will help you understand the variety of bonuses and make sure that the money is withdrawn from the casino cashier in a couple of minutes.

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