What You Need To Know About Dubai Shopping Festival 2022

The Dubai Shopping Festival 2022 is the perfect combination of a connoisseur’s paradise, a shopping addict’s fantasy, a family’s delight, and a child’s fantasy. The Dubai shopping festival runs for over a month, offering a diverse array of festivities and activities. Desert countries are given a whole new sense of vibrancy and cheer.

With DSF, you get the largest shopping extravaganza in the Middle East along with entertainment shows. Almost everything you can think of is available at deeply discounted prices. Dubai also has hidden corners and flea markets. Dubai shopping is not just limited to malls. Prices are sometimes as low as 75 percent off.

“Dubai Shopping Festival 2022” will take place between 15th December 2021 and 29th January 2022

DSF is visited by people all over the world and if you’re a shopaholic, then prepare to immerse yourself in the festival. Before it is too late, make sure you book your Shopping Festival UAE  tickets. The festival runs from 15th December 2021 through 29th January 2022. It is much more thrilling to shop at DSF than to do adventure sports in Dubai.

Make your travel itinerary for this mega event that takes place over a month. While admiring the art and culture, you can enjoy a memorable time with your loved ones. Dubai also hosts a number of family-friendly activities and live shows as part of this festival. 

The dates for Dubai Shopping Festival in 2022

Are you wondering when Dubai’s shopping festival will be? As in the past, it will be held in the first quarter of every year. The date of the festival will be 15 December 2021 and 29 January 2022 this year. Purchasing your Dubai shopping festival tickets will make your trip fantastic and satisfy the shopaholics to the maximum. Plan your trip soon after the dates are fixed. You might want to postpone your trip to Dubai to January if you have planned a trip to Dubai in March.

What is the location of the Extravaganza in Dubai?

There are various locations where the festival can be found, as this is a city-wide festival. Here are the specific locations for the festival:


  • Global Village
  • Dubai Mall
  • Al Rigga Street,
  • Gold Souk
  • The Layali Dubai Concert
  •  Al Fahidi For
  •  Promenade at Dubai Festival City
  • Night Souk
  •  DSF Desert Camp
  •  Asianet Film Awards
  •  Al Seef Street
  • Deira City Centre
  • Mercato Shopping Mall
  •  Mall of the Emirates
  •  Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Lamcy Plaza, 
  •  Festival Waterfront Centre, Dragon Mart 

are just some of the places where you can make the most of the festival.

Things to buy at Dubai’s Shopping Festival 2022

There are few festivals that offer so many discounts on all your favorite goods as this one. There are many shopping opportunities for everyone. Below is a list of things you may want to purchase during the Dubai shopping festival. 

  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics & Perfumes
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Home Decor
  • Watches
  • Leather bags & Jackets
  • Spices & Dry fruits
  • Gadgets

Shopping Festival In Dubai In 2022: Tips

  1. Stay up-to-date on the latest offers by downloading the Dubai shopping festival app.
  2. Get up early and shop while everyone is sleeping. The perfect Jimmy Choo deal is a steal, so don’t miss it!
  3. Try on clothes over your t-shirt or skive if you are wearing multiple layers of clothes. Avoiding the endless line for changing rooms is a smart solution.
  4. Determine where you will find what in advance. Do some research beforehand.
  5. Use the sale to your advantage. Do not restrain yourself from splurging. Shop for things that are not urgently needed.
  6. The spas in Dubai are a great way to relax after a full day of shopping.
  7. You can save more when you use a credit/debit card that offers instant cashback and rewards points.
  8. Locals may know where the best places to buy products are, so please feel free to ask them for suggestions. 
  9. Dubai offers more than just shopping; this city hosts desert safaris, a ski resort, the Dubai Aquarium, and an underwater zoo.

During the Dubai Shopping Festival in 2022, there will be plenty to do,

It is not just shopping that you can enjoy at this grand Dubai fest. Come see for yourself!

  • Gold Shopping
  • Skiing
  • Live concerts
  • Food trip
  • Fireworks
  • Carnival

Gold Shopping

Dubai Shopping Festival gold offers are a great opportunity to invest in gold, so you should take advantage of the deals and get your hands on some gold. A great commodity, gold has never been easier to purchase thanks to Dubai’s tax-free policies and easy transactions.


Your shopaholic partner can enjoy an hour of retail therapy while you enjoy an hour of skiing. In Dubai, guests can experience ziplining, snowboarding, skiing, and encountering penguins for the first time. Dubai Mall’s famous skating rink has also been transformed into a runway for ‘fashion on ice’. A theme park in Dubai may also be of interest if you don’t enjoy shopping.

Activate your concertgoing skills

The DSF is also a delight for music lovers, whether they are fans of jazz or traditional Arabic music. During the DSF, many concerts are held to entertain shoppers after they have finished their shopping. There is no better way to spend an evening than dancing to your favorite music artist. Dubai has a thriving nightlife!

Food Trip

Shoppers and eaters have different preferences. If you fall into the latter category, DSF still has something to offer you. Most restaurants are offering special menus during this period. You can eat food created by world-class chefs. You can enjoy your food while other people go shopping. If you have a sweet tooth, check out these bakeries in Dubai.


With amazing performances by celebrities, live music, delicious food tastings, street shows, juggler acts, magic shows, and more, the fest is one of the most spectacular events of the year. The festival also includes flash mobs, raffles, and other activities. Several fun activities keep children occupied when traveling with their parents. In addition to the Disney characters, they will get the chance to meet their favorite cartoon characters like Pokemon, Casper, and Tarzan.

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