What’s the difference between THCO gummies and THC gummies

The psychedelic and calming joy or high that comes with cannabinoids are now more easily accessible than ever. The little gummy components can have you entering your desired mental state in minutes of intake for both the THCO gummies and the THC gummies.

A fun fact about THCO is that its invention was by the US military as a means to incapacitate opponents. They aimed to get them so high that they could no longer be threats to them. This was in the 50s and 60s after which it disappeared for a long time before coming back as laws around hemp-based products changed.

While there are lots of similarities between the two components such as the fact that they are hemp-based, legal under the 2018 farm bill, and get you high, there are some differences to the gummies components and effects. These include:

Potency power: THCO gummies are hemp-derived cannabidiol also known as delta-8-acetate. The relatively new component has earned a reputation for delivering higher potency to users as compared to the normal delta-9-THC or the delta-8 ones. It is also currently legal under the 2018 farm bill because it is derived from hemp.

THCO is the acetylated version of delta-8 making it stronger and more bioavailable. Delt-8 is a result of oxidizing delta-9 as the plant ages. This results in higher intoxication from the THCO drug with more adverse psychoactive effects. It is reportedly three times stronger than THC gummies even though the effects do take a longer time to kick in. When they do kick in though, you better be planning to Netflix and chill or meditate all day because the high from THCO only wears off when the drug levels in your body reduce.

Psychedelic effects: The spiritual high from THCO is attributed to the ability of the drug to make users more introspective and have psychedelic experiences. There are also more intense and instant medical applications to the use of the drug especially with pain relief and anxiety. Most products can be consumed through vape cartridges or edibles.

Beginner friendliness: THCO is less beginner-friendly as compared to THC, which means that THCO is not recommended as someone’s first psychoactive cannabinoid. The effect is so high, and it can easily overwhelm first-time users. Cannabinoid use is supposed to have its tolerance built over time with a slow introduction to the user’s system to avoid the risk of body shock. THC, however, is gentler and more beginner-friendly.

Medicinal use: There is limited study of the medical and additional properties of THCO, which means that there are no known advantages in clinical settings. The medicinal effects that are more common with THC such as easing insomnia symptoms and anxiety have not been seen in THCO.

Which gummies should I go with?

As for which cannabinoid to use, it all depends on what end goal you are going for in your use of the cannabinoid. Your personal preference may range from wanting a mild buzz to needing a strong high. If you’re a beginner, THC is a better choice to warm you up for the bigger high of THCO.

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