When is the Right Time to Sell My Car in Melbourne?

With new cars like Hyundai Tucson, Toyota Kluger, Genesis GV70, or Maserati Ghibli Trofeo releasing this year in Melbourne, car enthusiasts would be looking for the right opportunity to own one of them. On the other hand, those looking for an upgrade by selling their old cars would be looking for the right factors to get the deserving and sizable payment for their vehicle. And that happens when one thinks from a buyer’s perspective. The first question that one gets then would be, ‘When are the right times and the right ways to sell my car in Melbourne?’. And the answers are given here.

1) Sell It at Its Best

This might sound obvious, but it is highly recommended to sell the car when it has a good amount of life and efficiency. Unfortunately, many people might wait till they are desperate for a change or an upgrade to sell their existing car and buy a new one. The process of cleaning the car, preparing the necessary documents, and settling on the appropriate pricing quote is something that must be done cautiously. By selling it with maximum return to the initial investment, one would be able to focus on getting the best car available for replacement.

2) Sell When There are No Major Issues

Car owners often decide on selling a car where they face mechanical issues or physical damages that they cannot fix. But that is not the best time to sell a car if one is looking to get the best price. This is simply because people don’t prefer buying cars that need immediate repairs, and if they do, they would want it at a much lower price. Therefore, the best time to sell a car is when all systems are functioning, there are no or minimal physical damages, and maintenance is taken care of.

3) Sell When ‘Tis the Season

Along with prepping the time, it is helpful to be smart about when one sells their car. Surveys show that people buy cars during the end of the month, end of the financial year, after the holiday seasons like Christmas and Reconciliation Day celebration, before the college season begins, and when the weather is good May or the beginning of June.

4) Sell Before the Auto Loan Defaults

One unfortunate reality, especially during this worldwide pandemic, is that some new car owners might fall behind on their car loan payments. When this happens, it is always better to sell the car before the repossession agent retrieves the car. Repossessed cars go on the wholesale market and sell for significantly less, which would end up being a loss. Therefore, it is recommended to plan and sell the car before this situation occurs to pay off the loan, maintain the credit score, and make the most out of the sale for the next investment.

5) Sell Before It Reaches Mileage Milestones

Modern cars are capable of lasting well beyond 150,000 km when maintained properly. However, used cars do lose their value and power after reaching certain mileages. And buyers would opt for cars that still have warranty coverages. Therefore, owners looking to sell cars must take action before reaching the 100K milestone to get optimum returns.

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