When should you consider replacing your leather shoes for men?

Why does one need leather shoes?

Every man should own or invest in some quality leather shoes. These make you look elegant, stylish, and smart. Leather shoes for men are a few of the luxury items to own. They’re better suited for work and formal events. Here are some of the reasons for having leather shoes for men:

  • They’re breathable and let the air pass through.
  • They’re highly durable. Leather shoes outlive the shoes made of synthetic materials.
  • Super comfortable, and these provide great support for your feet.
  • When compared to other materials, leather is quite easy to clean. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and dry up easily.
  • Pair it with short socks men, and they make you look classy and stylish.
  • You don’t sweat as much in leather shoes.
  • Leather shoes can be easily sewed by approaching a cobbler in case of minute damage.

There are numerous benefits. During long shifts of work, leather shoes for men keep the feet snug and warm.

Why re-sole or replace your leather shoes?

Signs your leather shoes are worn out.

If taken good care of, the leather shoes can last decades. But everything is short-termed. All good things come to an end. So are the leather shoes for men. The shoes might not look shabby, but they might be falling apart at the seams.

Here are some warning signs which can indicate that the shoes might be worn out:

   a. How are the treads?

One might overlook the treads just because of “who looks at the underside of the foot.” But if you feel the grip of the shoes is not what it used to be, you should consider upgrading to a new pair.

   b. Uneven sole wearing or soles splitting

Sometimes at the shoe’s edge where the sole and welt meet, you might see uneven wearing because of foot pronation. Other times, your shoes’ uppers are separated from the midsole. In both cases, you need to re-sole your shoes.

   c. How long have you had your shoes?

It is very easy to track the age of leather shoes for men. A circular pattern at the bottom of the show, which feels spongy to touch, is a sign of aging. Likewise, leather starts to thin over time. The next thing you’ll notice is a hole in the sole. This would be a serious downer.

So, if you notice these signs and the sole starts feeling spongy, consider re-soling.

   d. They don’t fit anymore.

The most important and foremost reason for changing the leather shoes for men is that they don’t fit. Creasing or cracks on the surface of the shoe, mostly in front of the toes, might occur due to bending of the foot and pressure at the wrong places. Non-fitting shoes will give birth to new problems:

  • One might get sore and inflamed heels. Sometimes, you’ll notice blisters from friction between the skin of the foot and the layer of the shoes. While short socks can give some relief from the friction, in turn, the blisters. But achy and sore toes can be relieved only from a proper fit.
  • Pain in the foot because of foot bending due to less space in the shoes.
  • You’ll start tripping over the shoes while walking. Your natural walking style might get changed and can lead to an imbalance.

    e. Weather Damage

Rain or snow may affect leather Shoes for men in a negative way. Although water doesn’t damage the leather, it makes shoes susceptible to damage if proper aftercare is not ensured. The oil from leather washes off, which can cause fungal growth and hardened and cracked leather surface.

Snow, on the other hand, can affect shoes differently. The salts that are added to melt the snow faster can leave stains on the leather.


Everyone wants an extended life for their shoes. Moreover, leather shoes for men are quite expensive and mostly branded. Despite the good care, wear and tear are inevitable. If it’s inexpensive or beyond repairs, you probably can go for a new pair of shoes. But if they’re expensive, you can consider re-soling from time to time.

You can consider wearing short socks for men with your leather shoes, if not ankle or medium-length socks. Leather shoes for men without socks might look silly. Also, the sweat from the feet will stain your feet and may exhaust the material of the shoes.

Inspect your shoes and polish their outer surface regularly to ensure maximum life. Always choose a good fit while buying quality products at the best price. Take care of your leather shoes, and they’ll take good care of your feet.

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