Where to Go When Looking for Great Local Bands

It seems like every area has its own local music scene. You know those acts: the ones that stay small or even make it big but still stick around your area, always reliable to be at this or that bar or other venue on certain nights of the month.

If that’s a world you’re looking to get into, you might wonder, after thinking for a minute: “Where do I even find local bands to go see?” Sometimes, these musicians are so underground that you can’t locate their gigs without really looking, or asking around.

Here are some tips for those of you out there who need some help locating the coolest local bands in your general area.

Check Google

Google, the largest search engine in the world, knows your location when you search for something – that is, unless you turn your location off. Turning location off, however, cuts you out of the many ways that Google search results can help you.

If you Google “entertainment near me,” you’ll surely come up with a plethora of search results meant to show you options for doing things in your area. You might get local results from Google or lists of events going on near you from Yelp or a talent-booking website.

No matter what you find, you know Google has your back, so trust it to do the thinking.

Ask Friends

If you’re looking for local bands to go see, bands that typically don’t really advertise a lot or who just aren’t that well known, it might do you well to ask family and friends for some tips.

Just like online bloggers and reviewers, these people have no reason to lie and every reason to be honest. Chances are, if someone was at a bar recently on a Friday night and saw a really good show, they’ll have remembered it and will be willing to tell you about it.

There’s probably always going to be someone more into local music than you are, so when you’re in doubt, ask around, and you will find your answers.

Search Local Establishments

Lastly, if all else fails, you can check at the actual venues where you know musicians come to play regularly. If there’s an indie cafe near you or a bar with a stage, check with management to learn more about the acts that come in. Someone, somewhere, will have a schedule or will be able to direct you to more information (or they’ll just direct you to their website).

If you like the place, or if it’s somewhere where you already like to hang out, why not make plans to come back and listen to some cool new local music? That arrangement works for everyone, since you’ll get to hang out in a hip venue with free-flowing food and drinks while listening to “undiscovered” musicians in a positive atmosphere.

So get out there and find what you’re looking for. You never know what you’ll discover!

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