Which Is The Best Bitcoin Casino Bonus In 2021?

Bitcoin Casino Bonus: Guide + Tips On How To Find The Best Offer

Finding a Bitcoin casino bonus can be an excellent way to improve various aspects of your online gambling experience. On the one hand, claiming bonus offers, in general, can help improve your bankroll. On the other hand, using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lets you enjoy safer and more private gambling sessions. It almost feels like a win-win, right? Well, kind of.

While you can benefit from such offers in more ways than one, it is vital to understand that not all offers are equally advantageous. Numerous factors affect the benefits of an online casino bonus, including those that focus on Bitcoin. Since cryptocurrencies’ popularity continues to reach unprecedented heights, more and more operators provide Bitcoin-based promotions to players as a tool to get them to register. While some of these offers are genuinely beneficial, there are also those you’d best avoid for different reasons. Let’s check out more about both types of casino bonus offers in our guide below.

Understanding The Bitcoin Casino Bonus: Starting With The Basics

If you’re an inexperienced online gambling enthusiast, you should take the time to learn the ABCs of the industry. So, let’s start from the top: a Bitcoin-based casino promotion attracts new players to the online casino. This tool doesn’t always involve cryptocurrencies – there are also plenty of offers that involve traditional money perks.

Regardless, the point is to attract players to register at the casino who will deposit (wager) their money on real money games. Simultaneously, finding a crypto-friendly operator where you can use Bitcoin to play is just as critical.

Bonus offers come in a variety of different types and forms. You’ll come across no deposit offers, first deposit bonuses, second/third/fourth/fifth deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, free spins, cashback offers, and more. However, although these offers are straightforward, keep in mind that casinos aren’t in the business of giving away free perks to players. Casinos exist to make a profit, and placing conditions on their bonus offers is one way of protecting themselves from excessive losses.

One of the most challenging conditions that most novice bettors have trouble understanding is the wagering requirement. This indicator is a number that shows how many times you must wager your bonus money before it is yours to withdraw. The WR is usually between 30 and 50, so encountering anything outside of this average range means you’re better off not claiming the bonus offer.

Different Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

As previously mentioned, choosing the best Bitcoin casino offer involves understanding the benefits and disadvantages of every type of promotion. Comprehending the full implications of claiming a casino offer is the safest way to choose the most advantageous promotion. Therefore, here’s what you should know before making your decision.

No Deposit Bitcoin Casino Bonus

As the name suggests, this offer is the only type of online casino bonus that does not require a deposit to claim. This offer can feature free cash but is typically available as a set number of free spins available on a specific game. You can win an amount of bonus money by playing with the bonus free spins.

Compared to other casino promotions, no deposit offers are scarce. The reason for their limited availability is that casinos don’t like giving out free perks to players without first getting at least something in return. However, Bitcoin no deposit offers are useful because they help players explore various operators without depositing money.

Bitcoin Free Spins Bonus

Free spin promotions are uniformly available only for a specific slot game or several slot games. Therefore, you can only use the free spins for that particular game or games, and attempting to use them for other titles results in the bonus becoming void. Free spins also have a fixed bet, unlike regular bets you make in a slot game.

Playing the designated slot title leaves you with little choice other than spinning the reels as many times as you have free spins. Hoping for the highest winnings at the end is the only way to utilize this bonus. The amount you’ve won becomes your bonus money when you run out of free spins. Once the winnings become your bonus money, it is subject to the wagering requirements before it becomes eligible for withdrawal.

First Deposit Bonus

Almost every Bitcoin casino bonus requires a deposit before becoming available to players. The previously mentioned no deposit offers are an exception to the rule, but these are very rare. Regardless, you cannot claim deposit offers without depositing a minimum amount of money into your casino account. So, what is the first deposit?

As its name implies, this bonus offer only applies to your first-ever casino deposit. In other words, this promotion is a one-time-only offer. You’ll also encounter a first deposit promotion under the names “registration bonus” and “sign-up bonus.” These offers typically consist of a bonus percentage, a maximum bonus amount, and (occasionally) free spins.

Reload/Cashback Bonus

You’ll also come across Bitcoin promotions regularly in plenty of crypto gambling sites. Reload bonuses are one example of such promotions and are almost identical to a first/second/third/fourth/etc. bonus. The difference is that such offers are available daily, weekly, or even monthly. The purpose behind such offers is to motivate players to continue betting real money games and show the casino’s appreciation for being a loyal punter.

On the other hand, a cashback casino bonus gives players back some of their lost money (cash). In other words, these offers work in contrast to deposit bonuses. You receive cashback depending on whether you lost anything. Cashbacks are available repetitively, typically daily, weekly, and monthly. However, remember that you are only eligible for a cashback if you have losses while playing real money casino games.

Therefore, when choosing the best Bitcoin casino bonus in 2021, consider all of the offers’ implications before you claim a promotion. Understand the importance of wagering requirements and note whether you’re playing for fun or are after cash winnings. Claim casino promos according to your goal, and you’ll be safe. Good luck!

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